A second date

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But, if you impressed your date and have another rendezvous set up, then all the pressure is off, right? Well, maybe. The first date should have proved that you would like to spend more time with someone, and maybe there was a little spark, but the second date is where new couples build chemistry. Dating allows you to meet new people.

It opens up your eyes to the world around you, one beyond the social group you have built with friends. First, you can find out right away if you have physical romantic chemistry. It also gives you an opportunity to brush up on your social skills.

For example, you can break your habit of chewing your nails or making groan-worthy dad jokes every chance you get. Lastly, it removes ambiguity. Finally, it shows that the person you like is willing to make time for you. If you ask your date to meet you at the bowling alley at 6 PM and they flake on you, then good riddance to them.

Your second date is bound to feel different than your first date. The stakes are a tad higher this time around. The good news is that if you score a second opportunity to impress your date, then it means that both people are interested. Now, you can relax a little and act a bit more casual. You can let your guard down to show your date your normal, everyday you. Our second date tips will help you exceed the high bar you set on your first date while still being yourself.

You have to do it again. Getting together for a second time gives you and your date a chance to get past the artificial stuff usually mentioned on first dates. You can start sharing how you feel about issues more personal to you. The more you share and learn, the more likely it is to turn into a flame. Second dates are still just the beginning. Our second date tips below will help you. Okay, maybe if it was pizza. But, even that would get boring after, say, a couple of weeks. One of our second date tips is that it should be brand new and exciting, not just a repeat of what you did last time.

For example, going for a long hike will lead to different conversations than if you go to an art gallery. If you already read our first-date guide, then you know that going to the movies for a first date is a big no-no. The main goal is to do something together that feels fresh and completely different. Call-backs and deep dives. For example, if your date mentioned their siblings on the first date, you could ask if they have a close relationship. Or, you could ask which sibling they feel closer with. The idea is to show that you were listening, that you remembered, and to go deeper than surface-level conversations you had on the first date.

Also, avoid talking about your or their exes. Check out that body…language. You can tell when someone is interested in you by checking out his or her body language. On the first date, getting handsy is a wrong move, but slight touching is encouraged on the second.

That could turn flirty touches into groping territory fast. Keep it low-key. Keeping it low-key means not sweating the small stuff. Post-date rundown. In our first-date guide, we gave you a list of questions to ask yourself after your date.

Our second date tips for your post-date rundown are the same, but with a twist. Ask yourself the following questions, then assess whether your second date was better than the first. Once you have your answers, you can assess whether you would like to go on a third date.

As we said before, sometimes it takes a while to turn a small spark into a fire. Second dates are weird. At this point, give yourself a moment to think about what that means. If you want to go further, check out our useful third date tips. Business Learning. Life Learning. Facebook twitter Instagram youtube Linkedin.

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A second date

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