Always on the outside looking in

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List of top famous quotes and sayings about outside looking in to read and share with friends on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs. All Rights Reserved. I always try to connect with what's happening in the world-reality, modernity, the 21st century, all that - and with Jil it started to feel very disconnected from the outside and how women were looking at fashion, experiencing fashion, interpreting fashion.

How can U fairly assess someone from the outside looking in Sometimes when you've reached a peak experience, you look for other peak experiences I'd always been interested in art. I was looking for other experiences outside of sports.

Art was a form of expression I had always liked a great deal. Dannon brought the. Carver's head bounced off the side window and Dannon shot him again, the. Carver slumped, his face not even looking surprised. There's a lot you can't tell about people, looking in from the outside -Hanna - Author: Sara Shepard. And when I can't speak it, I write it down. I wish I was different. Wish I was taller, smarter, could talk out loud the way I write things down. I wish I didn't always feel like I was on the outside, looking in like a Peeping Tom.

People looking at what I do from the outside would think it was a secure world I live in, but it isn't. Just because you had a series last year, doesn't mean you will have one next. But I am quite happy with that. The NBA is not for everybody. And looking from the outside in like I did last year, it seems so easy from just watching, but on the court it is a whole different level.

Out of the blending of human and animal stories comes the theme that I hope is inherent in all my books: that man is an inescapable part of all nature, that its welfare is his welfare, that to survive, he cannot continue acting and regarding himself as a spectator looking on from somewhere outside. I never really lived outside of the city growing up, but I'm always looking in between the lines of the city, and I magnetize over to the green spots.

A Christian wife who may be looking good on the outside, but who cuts her husband with her words, runs him down to her friends and family, and dishonors him in the children's presence is not beautiful by God's definition. I've always been called a professional opportunist, and in the future I'm open to anything. We've spent a lot of time offshore, looking at opportunities in real estate outside the United States. If you grow up between cultures, if you get accustomed to traveling, it's easy to find yourself always on the outside of things, looking in.

This can be ideal for a writer - or a spy; you've always got, analytically, a ticket out. Keep growing quietly and seriously throughout your whole development; you cannot disturb it more rudely than by looking outward and expecting from outside replies to questions that only your inmost feeling in your most hushed hour can perhaps answer. Innately, the Old Soul carries a sense of world-wariness as he stands on the outside, looking in.

As an observer, the Old Soul like the Steppenwolf, feels an all-pervading sense of alienation. He is the ultimate Outsider who is both in the world, but not quite of the world at the same time. There's a thing in the U. So I think English girls are a lot less scared of being the freak or looking like an idiot. I am the kind of person that takes everything as is and then look at it from the outside looking in. Beauty draws us in. We can't stop looking or listening or touching. It takes us outside ourselves and it motivates us.

It's essential to life and to happiness. Nothing is as uncomfortable, dangerous and hurtful as believing that I'm standing on the outside of my life looking in and wondering what it would be like if I had the courage to show up and let myself be seen. I always do my rap from the outside looking in. Like I do my rap as if I'm looking at me rap. I don't know anyone who was never a geek, really, when they look at their own lives. I think that from the outside looking in , you think that you weren't necessarily a tragic geek, but yes, you did lean in that direction.

I live in Soho in lower New York; there's tons and tons of tourists right outside my door step, obviously. Most of them are European, and all of them have guidebooks. I never see anyone looking at a phone. The sun had already set behind the mountains, and the sky had been drained of color. The trellises of sauvignon blanc flowed down the hill in even rows toward the valley floor. Whatever I was looking for, it wasn't outside. As far as I could tell, the grapes were minding their own business. I stood on the outside of disaster, looking in.

So why did I feel like I was on the outside looking in again? Tossed back on the dusty shelf, labeled, "just not good enough. You've really never been the guy on the outside looking in , have you? We are all searching for love, some at the bottom of a bottle, some at the casino, some in the eyes of a new lover.

The more we search outside ourselves, we more desperate we become. We suffer not because love's unavailable, but because we are not looking in the right place. This is the place of nightmares in so many ways, but there's nightmares on the outside, too, and one day, when you're not even looking for it, you'll find something perfect in here, and you'll feel whole. Hold onto that. I played 13 years in the NFL, and I loved it - made a Pro Bowl and went to the playoffs - but I always felt like I was having to knock the door down to get in.

When you would be looking somewhere maybe standing near a window and looking outside, I will come slowly towards you. And first I will inhale your sublime fragrance that emanates from your soft and tender body. Then slowly inching towards you I would hug you from behind and take you in my arms. My grandfather killed himself falling off the dike in Ostend while photographing my two cousins. This can happen so easily when looking through a lens: for a split second nothing else exists outside the frame. I would finally just like to advise you to grow through your development quietly and seriously; you can interrupt it in no more violent manner than by looking outwards, and expecting answer from outside to questions which perhaps only your innermost feeling in your most silent hour can answer.

Well, I'm not going to go into what the letter says, because the police are looking at that. But as you say it's in Bahasa. But of course that's not to suggest that the letter came from outside of Australia.

It came from in Australia. It came from Victoria. I think a lot of male artists should and probably are thinking in the same ways. The culture has moved in a more democratic, pluralistic direction. You now find a lot of people who are looking outside of the mainstream of the history of art for their mentors. Maybe not heroes, but mentors. We see them most when we are o nnthe outside looking in - Author: Jonah Lehrer. I've often felt unattractive or different looking.

As I've grown up, I've felt more comfortable in my own skin. It may sound cliche, but when you feel beautiful and strong on the inside, it shows on the outside. Once I was looking through the kitchen window at dusk and I saw an old woman looking in.

Suddenly the light changed and I realized that the old woman was myself. People think that because of my act that I must have a really busy mind and I must be driven. I really am not. I quite like going outside and looking at spiders on a hedge in my garden and stuff. I suppose that since most of our hurts come through relationships so will our healing, and I know that grace rarely makes sense for those looking in from the outside. Paul Young. With a lot of films, people are sitting on the outside looking in , but I want the audience to get a bit more intimately involved with what's going on, so that they maybe can experience it a little bit more intensely.

Every advancement in human history, every scientific discovery, every artistic masterpiece, every new idea has come from an individual looking at the world in a new way. Thinking outside the box. So tell me, Samantha, why are you trying so hard to put yourself inside the box? Cage of freedom, that's our prison; we're the jailer and captive combined Cage of freedom, cast in power; all the trappings of our own de. Blind ambition, steals our reason; we're soon behind those invisible bars On the inside, looking outside; to make it safer we double the guard. From the inside looking out you can never see how it looks from the outside looking in.

A spiritual search in art is looking for meaning outside of yourself. From the outside looking in , trying to decipher Google's search algorithms is like reading tea leaves in a toilet bowl With the lights off. I have felt independent of the opinions of others in terms of whether or not I should or shouldn't be doing that. There's something that I allow to consult myself within myself rather than looking outside to see if this is right or not.

Having a belief in God, being able to find joy, despite your circumstances or put yourself outside of yourself, and stop looking inwards and look outwards a little bit really helps to carry through tough times. Giving makes you feel better.

I had been working at home at the time and was looking to find a studio space somewhere outside of my apartment. I thought that might be good for me in terms of having a little bit more discipline with my work habits. I've never been one to carefully calculate my career decisions, to sit on the outside looking in. I go with my passion and what moves me. Lo, I am with you always means when you look for God, God is in the look of your eyes, in the thought of looking, nearer to you than your self, or things that have happened to you.

There's no need to go outside. The line between outside and inside is fuzzier in fantasy. Maybe that's something people are looking for.

Always on the outside looking in

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