Any woman out there want

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A t first glance, he seems like Mr. Absolutely Right. He sweeps you off your cynical feet with nice dinners, roses, thoughtful gestures. The sex is incredible. You want to introduce him to your mom. But before you fall hook, line and sinker, stop! He could be one of these 7 dating mistakes…. Some men are master anglers. Read on for the 7 types of men to avoid…. Dating Mistake 1: Mr. Even if you approach him with caution, his charm and persistence will win you over.

Right yet. The unspoken suggestion? You could be her. But dating Mr. But the biggest giveaway is that his last ificant relationship was back in college and every relationship since has lasted only a few months at most. Dating Mistake 2: Mr. So-and-So is certainly seductive. Dating Mistake 3: Mr. No-Money Bags Who he is: He has Champagne tastes on a beer budget and a walk-in closet full of financial skeletons. Initially, it might seem reasonable to float him a little extra. But eventually his handout requests get larger and larger until one day you may find yourself buying him a car, co-ing on a loan or making a down payment on a house.

Dating Mistake 4: Mr. Not exactly the threesome you might have had in mind. Mom still influences his professional decisions, his investment portfolio, where he lives, who he votes for. Project into the future and you can count on her influencing everything — from where you buy a home to how you raise your children.

And if you push him to choose sides, guess who loses? Yep, that would be you. Dating Mistake 5: Mr. Peter Pan Syndrome is still a frat boy. Peter Pans eventually do grow up — into Perennial Bachelors see above. Dating Mistake 6: Mr. He may want an accomplished woman, but not one so successful that you eclipse his glory. He may even undercut your success. Dating Mistake 7: Mr. Control Freak Who he is: Going out with this man is like dating a boa constrictor. At first, his embrace may seem warm and secure.

But eventually he tries to dictate everything, from what you wear to how you spend your free time. Health Topics. Health Tools. Emotional Health. By Norine Dworkin-McDaniel. Reviewed: November 15, He could be one of these 7 dating mistakes… Some men are master anglers.

Any woman out there want

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7 Types of Men to Avoid