Attractive mens clothing

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It might be thanks to all the Instagram models donning the latest looks or the trendy celebs inspiring the ultimate OutfitGoals. Either way, guys are beginning to spend more attention and more time on their appearance, because we all know a well dressed man is super attractive. Below are 22 things guys wear that instantly make them hotter! A guy who cares about his appearance even just a little bit, is just that much more attractive.

The skinny Adidas track pants or soccer pants are basically everything. There is something about athletes that has held fascination for centuries and these pants just bring that to a head. Blazers are hot for a similar reason, being that success is so attractive. Enough said. The skinny tie is so retro and charming. Show us some personality! Aforementioned fascination with sports continued, but this time with a focus on being specifically interested and knowledgeable about a specific team.

Hard to believe, right? Something casual and comfortable like Vans or Converse. Something about the way the lines of the plaid look on all different shapes and sizes combined with the fact that the lumberjack craze will never be over, makes plaid shirts or flannels very desirable. A Coat that has some style to it. Style meaning that it shares something about the person wearing it. So find a jacket that you really like, and let it keep you warm. In the realm of lending someone a jacket, there is just something so sexy about a soft hoodie. The more comfy the better, just minimize the Cheetos dust.

Nothing reminds me more of a rustic mountain man than warm sweaters. The best ones are the ones with toggle buttons and wintery prints. It just makes me want to snuggle up next to the fire with whoever is wearing it. Mostly because not a whole lot of guys wear them. Okay, so this one is kind of dependent on a couple things. Guy butts are a thing. A pair of jeans that are comfortable yet still fitted are not only a classic wardrobe essential, but are one of the hotter things a guy can wear.

Maybe this is just the fashion lover in me, but a guy who wears scarves is an attractive guy. Obsessed with organization, music, and feminism.

Attractive mens clothing

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22 Things Guys Wear That Instantly Make Them Hotter