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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and . Consumers complaining about be2 most frequently mention credit card, customer service and bank problems. IMHO it is one of the best dating sites you will find and my -two choice after Mingle2day. Seriously don't understand what everyon else is complaining about?! I regret the day I decided to give another site a shot. If you are well off you don't seek better. Otherwise, you often loose your money - this is what happened to me on Be2. They make it impossible to cancel and they keep charging you!

Customer support ignores my requests to cancel membership! I want to cancel it because there are very few, if any, real women there. Just bots and fakes It doesn't help to report fakes because they never get banned.

I see these profiles still online, "working" with their next victim. Ignore this site guys, don't make the same mistake as I did. Not bad at all. Though you have to fill in a long questionarie when you register, the you get later is worth it. Well until you try to cancel it. Site itself is ok but attracts lo of scams and there are quite a of fake profiles which will gladly interact with you. Other sites are far better with tracking it down. So, I decided to use up my already paid membership and then I tried to cancel it, seemingly simple process via thei site by sending cancelation request.

You think that job is done when it was not. Thinking that all was good I also instructed CC provider to cancel this reoccurring payment order, which the bank did. My advice - do not leave the cancelation until last minute as I did and keep all such correspondence with them! I am now facing debt collection agency and legal action threats as they never received my cancelation notice, so they said. Tip for consumers: Watch out from fake profiles.

Cancel in advance before your renewal is due so if there is a problem you have enough time to deal with it. Keep all such correspondence with be2, not the suggested partners or you have a message. Be prepared to deal with robot at the other end.

If there will be a problem-it will tell you that you are liable as per your contract with them! Ive been using a few sites recently We Just Fit being the pick of the bunch but ed be2 last week and really liking it to boost my chances. Quite cool how many new people you can find when you try a new site with a fresh group of local people looking to date online.

Its easy to a site and have a couple of dates and then give up but you wouldnt stop eating fruit completely if you didnt like apples, so why not try a different site when your current option is not working for you? Anyway I registered, after few days received promo offer and took my chances.

So far i'm getting only messages from visitors and no replies on messages sent by me. Positive thing is that customer service was helpful and suggested to change my preferences as this might be a limiting factor. Be2 seems to be working alright, no s of delays or errors. However so far I'm not satisfied at all, if it wasn't for their agent I would give worse rating. Quite like be2. Good search system and busy site. Did have a small issue and had to call customer service, was disapointed that it wasnt UK based like the other site I use WeJustFit.

Its better than most sites and not having any problems with scammers so far. Descent enough value for money. Not the worse out there but I prefer sites like wejustfit. We help with dating sites' scams If you are a victim of a dating site's scam we invite you to visit our website: anti-portal.

We guarantee that with our assistance you will be able to cancel any subscription to this kind of websites, protect your personal data and get your money back. We have protected many people already, please do not hesitate to . This site is quite okayish - it's bit cheesy and maybe bit outdated. I registered at be2. It happened about months ago and wanted to get over my loneliness. I got some matches, started to chat with girls from close by. After week or two I found my last girlfriend there. Though our relationship didn't last long, I was very happy in it.

Because I cancelled the last profile, I have to register there once again and I hope I will find someone new. So easy to identify. Be2 is cheeting money from people believing they are messing with a man or woman. It's a hired chatt operator who fools you. If I could I would through Be2 to hell where it belongs. Agree with others on here - a sophisticated scam. I wish I had researched these comments before parting with money.

Lots of false profiles etc They'll tempt you in with reasonable price for the first month - then, wham! Your bank is deducted for Euro or more. To cancel they insist on a Fax to Swiss Address - who has a fax machine these days? Grrr - feel so foolish for letting this happen. I visited be2. Now it's different. Lately I broke up with my partner and as I am older and older it's always more difficult to find a new love. So I decided to try this dating site which is rather modern but nice layout.

Thanks to this site I am now in contact with many interesting men. I can't comment now on months to come, but hope to find someone to spend my days with. If you are a victim of a dating site's scam we invite you to visit our website: www. Constantly "matches" me with people hundreds of miles away and in a completely different age ranges to me despite me regularly checking that I have set geographical and age parameters.

Customer services awful bordering on non-existent. A definite waste of money. There may be some lovely people on there - but if you have to trawl through 90 that are outside your location etc I've personally found out that this site is a fake, and should be closed down. I will forward my experiences to the FBI to avoid those scammers from asking women for money. How come every member on your site have a Masters, Bachelors, wife died, only one child living. This site is a disgrace To the human race, and should be closed down. I also had good experience with this site.

Although I didn't find partner there but I had great fun with it. And what is even more, I have found many new friends to go out with or chat. I paid for 3 months subscription, followed cancellation process found on web. This site has a good content, fast, bit old-fashioned. Most profiles are fraudulent. Never got an answer to my 10 plus s asking to cancel. Also deleted profile and they re-activated it. This is the most disgusting online dating site I've every encountered Will be leaving bad reviews wherever I can Will have to cancel credit card.

Don't waste your money and valuable time Stay away from these fraudsters On the site you can find a lot of fake profiles. After the one test month, the price is very expensive, and to deleting it is almost impossible. They try to take the money from your bank , and if you don't pay, they are threatening you whit an retortion. My bill is more than euro, what they want, only for one month using. I want to actually give -0 stars. All very appealing on the outside but wait until you try to delete your profile. This review is not because I am upset about not meeting anyone, there are plenty of wonderful dating sites out there.

I realised not long after I ed how incredibly difficult this site was to navigate and in terms of matches there were literally zero. When I tried to delete my it was almost impossible to find where that was on their website and when I did it was ludicrous.

There was also no contact that worked. After sending endless s and a letter to remove my profile I still kept getting charged. I eventually had to cancel my credit card and resort to the bank to get some of my money back. This website is a cover for thieves. Do yourself a favour and stay away! As my last girlfriend was very different than me, our relationship lasted only for very short time.

When I heard about personality test at be2. I started to look for the most suitable partner for me. They recommended me some profiles based on the test and after becoming premium member I started to communicate with them. One of them looked very promising, so I decided to meet her. Unfortunately I was disappointed in the end because in the end she was completely different as it was written in her profile — but that of course has nothing to do with the product.

I can see that there are many people who had bad experience with this site but I can't see almost anyone with good one. I had the good customer experience with be2. I didn't think that I had to write somewhere about it, but as I know it is unfair to the site if reviews are written only by unsatisfied customers, so I decided to put reputation of this site a little bit into balance. I ed this site one year ago because I was tired of meeting the same girls in my area. I wanted to find something different as it was around me.

I filled up personality test which was first step I had to do, afterwards I got so many partner recommendations - I was really surprised and curious to get to know them all. I found out that I had to pay as almost on every site and amount I had to pay was bit higher but I tried it. After months of dating, I'm now with the best girl I've ever met. Not to forget to mention that we live together and have a fabulour relationship. Also, cancellation aftewards was a bit hassle, but we both made it withou issues. I tried this site some time ago but haven't got any problems with it. I don't know why there are only negative reviews.

It seems to me that there are only people with bad experience writing biased reviews against this site. I tried one month as trial and after it I wanted to cancel my . Then they send me special offer for 2 months plus one for free.

B2 dating site uk

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