Best looking swedish women

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According to a global survey, Ukrainian and Sweden are the countries with the most beautiful women in the world. Not only beautiful, Sweden women are way hotter than you can imagine. Well, these are just a few characteristics of these hottest Swedish women. Although, Sweden has already been declared the home to the most beautiful women on this planet, but have you ever wondered who are the top 10 hottest Swedish women? We have prepared a list of the most beautiful and hottest Swedish women. For the spring season, Gustavsson was the fourth most requested model for that time. Liza Berggren is the former Miss World Sweden and is currently working as a fashion model.

She has appeared in the editorial magazines such as Cosmopolitan , Numero and Love. Her beautiful greenish eyes will make you believe that she is one of the most beautiful and hottest Swedish women of her generation. The Swedish model and actress, Caroline Winberg started her modelling career when she was just Being one of the hottest Swedish women, she soon caught the eyes of big agencies and was immediately hired to work with brands like Versace , Escada and Armani. You may remember her beautiful face from the famous Hollywood movie Limitless where she appeared alongside Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.

The former Miss Universe Sweden, Ronnia Fornstedt is a woman who will surely take your breath away with her beauty. After getting crowned Miss Universe Sweden , she ed contracts with famous agencies and became a fashion model. She is undoubtedly the most beautiful and hottest Swedish women of all time. The Swedish fashion model, Sandrah Hellberg is the epitome of hotness and seduction. If only hotness would have been the criteria to top this list, then she would have easily taken the first spot.

The blue-eyed blonde beauty is considered as one of the finest models from Sweden. Her hot photoshoots with famous fashion brands can make all men drool over her angelic beauty. She is a model, actress and producer by profession. Mona Johannesson is considered as one of the top models in the Sweden. After entering the fashion world, she was quickly dubbed The Next Kate Moss , including by Vogue and since then, she is stuck with the nickname Baby Kate. She is often cited as one of the hottest Swedish models of all time. She is famous for her appearances in the Candian movies and TV shows.

In , AskMen. She is considered as one of the most successful Swedish celebrities that have made their name famous globally. Currently, she is ranked 15th on the Top Sexiest Models list by models. Here comes the woman who has topped this list of top 10 hottest Swedish women and she is Helena Mattsson. This Swedish woman is a famous actress, known for her roles in Hollywood movies and TV series. Mattsson is also considered as one of the most beautiful Swedish women who ever worked in Hollywood.

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Best looking swedish women

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