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India has just one time zone for its 1. Guwahati: By the time the working day begins in northeast India on the longest day of the year, the sun is already high in the sky and the heat is nearing its peak — because clocks across the vast country are set to the same hour.

The entire country's time is aligned to that of a town in Uttar Pradesh, which sits near the longitude line closest to centre of the country. The policy was introduced when the nation gained its independence from Britain, but in the northeast government ministers now say Indian Standard Time IST makes little sense.

Their region is closer to Dhaka, which is 30 minutes ahead, than Delhi. It shares borders with China, Myanmar and Bhutan as well as Bangladesh. Around the summer solstice, the sun rises at 4. Campaigners say that has held back the development of the region, home to some of India's poorest states, hitting productivity and adding billions to the cost of lighting homes and offices. Worse, campaigner Jahnu Barua believes a policy that was intended to unite a newly-independent India has actually exacerbated the sense of alienation in the northeast, a tribal-dominated region battling myriad separatist insurgencies.

Bahrua grew up on a tea plantation in Assam state, where work started at am to make the most of the daylight. Some of Assam's plantations still operate on their own time — known locally as "tea garden time" and a hangover from the days of British rule. But Bahrua says most have switched to IST, meaning the back-breaking work of picking tea begins when the sun is nearing its hottest.

Akhil Ranjan Dutta, a politics professor at Guwahati University in Assam, says he only became aware of the problem when he moved from the countryside to the state capital for his studies. My friends would all laugh at me You can't have a same time zone for a country like India which is so vast. This has to change. In India's planning commission said having two time zones would lead to substantial energy savings in a country that frequently suffers power outages, but the central government rejected the plan.

When scientists from the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore studied the problem in they concluded separate time zones would cause chaos, advocating instead a minute advancement of IST. Himanta Biswa Sarma, a senior minister who is credited with winning the state for the BJP, said local lawmakers planned to take the matter up with the central government in Delhi.

But I believe that India has evolved. We are not in that society now. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced his government's decision to repeal the three farm laws over which the farmers have been protesting over the past year. Firstpost Conversations 9 Months S. Tea gardens in north east India.

Blk grl looking 4 Krefeld guy

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