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This is a listing of the most recent pen pal that were submitted. You can provide your own penpal ad by clicking here. If you are looking for more pen pals, you can browse the last nine months of the penpal directory or find and snail mail friends through the search function. My name is John , i was surfing through when i just came across your profile and i hope you don't mind me sending in a message, i'm new here to make new friends and connect with the world, i'll like to get to know more about you, i mean everything that concerns you, i do not see age, distance or language as a barrier to a good friendship, what matters is the trust and understanding we could have between each other.

I'm not a really good writer but i believe that practice makes perfect and with time I'll be as good. Please if you want to contact me so to have better conversation, this is my johnsleek31 gmail. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, thanks. Introduction: hi my name is Goneyi looking to build lasting friendships , I value a woman perspective on things, and find their conversation interesting and stimulating. I enjoy discussions about almost anything as well as exercise walking, the outdoors, movies, dining out, reading, writing, and volunteer work just to name a few.

I am a teacher by profession. I am looking for friends around the world. I will like to be friends with both females and males provided the person is willing to be my friend. I prefer snail mail friends but u can contact me on my kwadwoadugyamfi yahoo. Thank you. Introduction: Am a tall dark complexion guy with sense of humor, free and open to every one. I am a shy guy that is still finding his way in life. I have in recent years had a many ups and downs along life?

I am also trying to move past feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness, to a more positive view of myself as a person. I am flawed like everyone else, but I do have some good qualities to share with the world. I do like people, though I often hide myself away from them, for fear of judgement and ridicule.

Hopefully in time I will learn to accept myself for who I am, without worrying about the superficial stuff so much? After all, we only have one life, there are no second chances. I like talk about a lot of things that interest me, some of it the stuff is controversial, but not always. I am not a bad person, but I like to be able to communicate freely, If anyone objects to anything I say, i prefer them to talk about it with me. One thing I am trying to do though, is to judge people more on actions rather than words. I have learnt recently that a gulf in opinion with others doesn't have to be a source of division.

We are all people, with love and respect we can find some common ground. I am more than willing to talk with people that disagree with me on anything, provided they show me the same respect that I will afford them. I like music and have an interest in music, history, psychology, people and religion, I am a friendly, non- judgmental person. Introduction: Hi there you female writer, I wish to write to get away from life and daily life with someone personal and fun and with deep meaning. I seek a caring fantasy with friendship. Writing is fun and creative, so seek me out you female longing like me for a friendship and fantasy that is more intimate and affectionate, caring.

I am a sensitive and lonely guy, nice and my vision for this is specific. My name is Thomas, a Swedish guy in USA, and welcome to my pen pal ad, I love writing and if you do too, me if you want a writing fantasy with person thoughts and feelings and not the usual about daily life. A fantasy in writing is about imagination of comfort, affection for the feeling and moments we create together long term. I want a intimate friendship with a woman that loves to write and for long term seeks a connection with me, sharing of words, feelings, the charm you have.

In equal ways I look at the personal connection of feelings here, the depth of thoughts and the connection on an intimate level of caring. Are you like me, alone, lonely and love writing but no one to write too, seek me out and if you relate and long to connect, build a personal fantasy with real friendship, real affection when it's equal the passion and the friendship, no limitations, create and explore with me. me, you woman, younger then me or older, single or attached, seeking a bonding, a connection that long term words of feeling can give, dream a dream and find solace in this together.

Important that you can on a regular daily basis and you love to write and want a friendship that is limitless with intimacy and caring, to feel s we write and give caring to each we share with desire and interesting thoughts and feelings.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you out there , Thomas. We can talk about anything you want. I have a passion for creative writing poetry it would be nice to find other creative souls. I won't stop replying after one message, everyone is welcome, to message me. Introduction: Hi, I'm looking to write with male between the age of 28 to Where we could share troubles and joy of our lives, experiences. Just chat about anything really.

I'm able myself to write daily. So it would be good if you are looking for regular contact yourself. I enjoy taking walks, often long. As I enjoy being outdoors a lot. I love animals, grew up with dogs. Other interests include travelling. So if you enjoy that, we could also swap travel experiences. Also huge fan of series and music.

Please note! That if you decide to write, I would like to see whom I'm writing with. So I will ask for two pictures of you. You will ofc in return get the same. Tell me a little about yourself. No married or taken men or men with kids.

This is because I find, I have nothing in common with you. Nothing personal. I'm just looking to write with person, that's similar to my own lifestyle. NOT looking for love. No inmates or scammers. I will only delete and not reply to these. Seens im looking to travel there next year. And would want ideas. Thank you for reading my ad, I hope to hear from you soon :. Our type of world today has become world of greediness, lies.

Human Beings are doing their best to satisfy the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of this world. Most of us consider happiness of this world more paramount than the peace from God. I am looking for pen pals who can exchange e- mails, snail mails, etc with me and also together, we share the riches in Jehovah God and tell His greatness to the new ones. And remember that, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one can go to the Father, except through Him Jesus. Hope to hear from you.

Especially you, one reading my profile now. Both male and female. God bless you all. Introduction: I like to meet male or female as friends over 25 years old hobbies are films , puzzles , making friends hope to hear from you soon I hope to make friends. Introduction: Hello an good day my loving young female M here. I want to thank you kindly for all your loving postal letters. You know it has been one year you started writing to me and yes I am very pleased you keep sending to me. To be honest I never thought I would see a second third fourth and more letters from you in private.

Canada penpals emails

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