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After the egg scene with her, the husband finds her lying down shuck-up. Was she sexually assaulted, or did the attacker give up on her and pursue the daughter? Cady first did his whole thing with the eggs and then when he starts slapping her and putting her in a headlock he knocks he out i think : I need sex for a clear complexion, but I'd rather do it for love- Joan Crawford.

His main object of torture was the daughter. He knew that would destroy Bowden more than attacking his wife. I need sex for a clear complexion, but I'd rather do it for love- Joan Crawford. According to Robert Mitchum's biography by Lee Server, p. Lee Thompson, improvised the business of the eggs at the last minute before the scene was shot.

Server goes on to say that Max Cady's brutalizing and sexual assault on Bowden's wife, Peggy,etc. The film was heavily censored. Server says that Mitchum's face of smiling hatred was a stunning and utterly unforgettable creation. Very interesting book. Thanks for posting that! It looks like they intended for it to be a sexual assault, but because of the censhorship it does appear to be ambiguous. I also agree it does come across that Cady was more out to strike terror than sexually assault her. If they had been clear she was sexually assault, as a pure story line then it would have been a hollow victory to finally kill Cady.

Plus it would leave you feeling that they really didn't win against this evil force. Of course, the experience of the whole ordeal by itself is not walk in the park, but movies have a way of showing the hero safe and sound, and whatever happen is behind them and they aren't troubled by it anymore which in real life isn't true. I read that Polly Bergen's perfomance in those scenes were so realistic that she seemed to become hysterical and the crew became concerned. I guess it is very possible to become caught up in your character. The egg didn't need to be pre-cracked. Crushing an egg in your hand takes no effort at all.

I'm assuming the poster was confused by the one way it is hard to break an egg and that's squeezing solely on the ends. That didn't happen here. Robert Mitchum simply crushed in in his palm. could do it. I think it was meant not to be clear. After all, when Peck finds her, she's naked, isn't she? Naked and agonizing and crying Polly Bergen has referred to the scene in question as the "rape scene" and also, Barrie Chase's character is not naked when is she is discovered, but clad in a sheet - but there can be little doubt as to what happened to her. So sweet that Mitchum was so tender to Bergen after the pain she went through filming that part.

Im not sure what happens. On one hand,Bergen does tell Sam that Cadys plan was to distract him and go for Nancy. But on the other side,she is SOO shaken up and hysterical when Sam finds her that its hard to say. Also,it appears she may may be naked,allthough that may be just the camera angle or something.

I think the director decided to leave it ambigous on purpose. No, they just had scrambled eggs together and he left after insulting her cooking which is why she was so upset. My theory is that Cady only made threats to the wife to sexually assault her, then slapping her around and pushing her to the ground. His main target was Nancy, who he had planned to sexually abuse as the main revenge against Sam Bowden.

I find it hard to believe that Cady wouldn't have raped the wife. But yes, it is definitely left open. IMO, he didnt rape her otherwise he would have ended up in jail easily, which is something we clearly know he wanted to avoid. He explained to her that he couldn't be convicted of rape because she was actually giving her consent. George Carlin: It's all bullsh-t and it's bad for ya.

I saw the movie again last night and once Cady was on the houseboat his time was limited vis a vis Peck's arrival, something he of course couldn't have known about, but based on the timeline of the film Cady almost certainly didn't have sex with the wife due to his not having the time,--his real target was the daughter--so I'd say no. He just roughed the wife up. However the time issue is odd in the film's final scenes, as Cady's behavior seems too slow for a man in his position, as I see it anyway, and with Peck's character in hot pursuit how could he have had the time to talk to the wife as he did, crushed the eggs on her chest, then go upstairs and play cat and mouse with the daughter for what feels like three or four minutes.

There is literally 10 seconds in between the time Cady is slapping the wife and when Peck bursts in and finds her on the floor. Not really enough time to rape her. Also she is clearly still dressed her shoulder straps are down which is why some viewers mistakenly thought she was nude. The editing seems to indicate a passage of time in which it is conceivable that he could have raped the wife, but I was more curious about what happened to Nancy. Its way more unclear because all we see is him dragging her into the swamp with his hand over her mouth clasping her arm - Peck randomly bumps into him and Nancy is nowhere to be seen - but the next time we see her she's on the ground, disoriented, and disheveled.

After that she's introverted, covered in a blanket, and is clearly nursing some kind of trauma - which could just be associated with everything else that happened, but we honestly don't know. The footage is so choppy from all the censorship that its confusing. Going by the book I guess we can infer that he never did rape either one of them but I get the impression that we're led to believe he got a lot closer than is shown on screen.

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Cape fear sex

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