Cottage grove chrysler jeep ram

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Customer Reviews next. We searched the RAM website for a truck that checked off all of the boxes for weeks we could not find anything local. He is the most genuine salesman with a true passion for what he does. I put all my trust and he well delivered. Thank you again. I put all my trust and he well delivered! I bought a jeep cherokee 4x4. Jeremy was our sales rep. He was so patient I had so many questions, he knew all the answers. Jeremy understood our budget. Not once did he make us feel we had to buy. I told him exactly what we were looking for.

Your friendly attitude and great conversation made this purchase wonderful and we are extremely happy! I'll go to Eugene where they actually trouble shoot. Jeremy was very helpful hitting all the check marks for my new truck. I am grateful for the time spent looking for my truck with a small inventory through out the country. Once the truck was found it was the easiest transition I have ever had getting a new vehicle. Jeep Gladiator from Jeremy Ralston. Best car buying experience ever. In and out quick with lots of laughs. Absolutely amazing!

Thank you Paul and Radio so much for helping my niece get her new car. Highly recommend this dealership. It's well worth the short drive! Paul Bowlby was a tremendous help in a very hectic time for our family, he went out of his way to make it a smooth and easy transition into a new truck!

This is our second purchase from this dealer and everyone who took the time to help us with their excellent customer service deserves to to recognized! Jeremy, Radio, Michael, and Paul went above and beyond to ensure we made a great purchase. Brock, in the service department, tried everything he could but the transmission was shot.

He suggested trying to get financed and get a new car through them. They never push you, if you want it , most likely your already looking for it..! Very duplicitous behavior. I was on my toes amidst the entire encounter in speculation that I was being played for my money, solely based on the non verbal communication.

The car smelled like a skunk took a dump in the back seat. Not to mention both vehicles needed to be fixed within months of purchase. Totally disrespectful just because of my age, very unprofessional. A representation of sheer arrogance. When asking for details about the car. Be sure to expect pure ignorance. They will sell you a wrecked car without telling you.

Jeremy is a Deceptive Liar. Dan Sperry is a Scam Artist. Highly recommend you take your business elsewhere. Dan Sperry Will scam you. Read the other reviews on here. If you dive it off the lot good luck on getting your money back. Did not disclose extremely valuable information. The car i bought was towed from a wreck. Jeremy was my sales person two times now.

Cottage grove chrysler jeep ram

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