Craigslist bourbon county

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Independent of our thoughts on whether or not Dark Lord Day remains relevant, if we were the ones standing in line for hours, getting drenched and freezing, just to pay for the privilege of purchasing a few bottles of this stuff, it would probably chap our ass to see people get their hands on it just by peeling off a few hundreds to some guy on Craigslist.

Below are the more egregious we spotted popping up over the weekend. Although the vertical is just a little temptingā€¦. Know Your Beer. Please check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. His book, Beer Lovers Chicago , is now available via Amazon and other booksellers.

If you're buying, he's likely having a porter or a pale ale. D ark Lord Day has returned, a date that can bring out the best in the craft beer community ā€” a friendly gathering amongst thousands of beer fans, a massive bottleshare, music and a celebration of the more open-minded among us ā€” and like clockwork, every year it brings out the bounty hunters. November 10, Share this Story. Chicago Beer Map. Search Submit Clear.

Craigslist bourbon county

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