Dating more than one person rune factory 4

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In each Rune Factory game, there tends to be a sense of balance. You have an equal division of tending to your farm, diving into dungeons, and getting to know the people around you. Rune Factory 4 has always been great about this. It can feel like it is among the most well-rounded, due to how easy it is to wander around the town and talk to everyone, tend to your land, and go explore the hazardous outside world in a single day. But when it comes to the Rune Factory 4 Special changes, it seems like one area gets the most attention.

A lot of the new features have to do with finding someone to love. Romance in Rune Factory 4 Special is handled in the same way as the original game. There are four love interests of each gender who immediately live in town, and you can start trying to marry three of each right away. The others require a bit more work. Amber and Dolce need to be brought to town as part of your adventures before you can date and marry them, while Margaret can only be fully romanced once Dylas lives in town.

Margaret has an event that requires his involvement. You have to help with his revelation in the second portion to advance the relationship. To actually get married, you need to go on about three dates with the person you are interested in, have earned 10 love points with the person you want to marry, own a double bed, and make a ring if you chose to be a prince.

This is a segment that you must unlock by pursuing and marrying one of the love interests. You then go through a brief story with this person, complete with more detailed and animated avatars for your avatar and all potential love interests. These segments are essentially part visual novel and part action-RPG. A hint on-screen constantly guides you to the place you should be at that very moment.

You can explore the town and talk to people, and everyone has new dialogue that references your recent wedding. It is frustrating that these must be unlocked, especially with the way it is handled within the mode, but I suppose it does work since they are a reward. As for the Another Story, these are the incredibly brief story segments that look at life with a love interest after having been married for a while. Many of these clips involve life after you are already married to a bachelor or bachelorette. Quite a few even feature your child with your spouse in the story. I do wish they were as substantial as Newlywed Mode, as those stories last about minutes and this is a maybe five minute clip.

The real difference here is the extra love put into the characters you can connect with. Each one of the bachelors and bachelorettes gets extra stories, both long and short, that help you see what life is like with them and what their mindsets are like. You can really feel the love. Share Tweet Pin Share. Rune Factory 4 Special is available for the Nintendo Switch. Jenni Lada. Jenni is Editor-in-Chief at Siliconera and has been playing games since getting access to her parents' Intellivision as a toddler. She continues to play on every possible platform and loves all of the systems she owns.

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Dating more than one person rune factory 4

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