Dating someone a year younger

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NorCalGirl Xper 4. To date a guy who is a year younger than you is that really weird or awkward?? If you have dated someone younger than you can you please share? Would you date someone who is a year younger than you? I'm really curious about it. Vote A. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. This has been a huge help to me! Share Facebook. Girls, whats it like to date someone who is a year younger than you? Add Opinion. I am currently in a relationship with a guy who is a year younger than me.

There is not a huge age difference though when it comes to maturity, it wouldn't matter what a guys age is, he would always have enough room in his life to offer his best immaturity possible! I have a close friend of mine who is partnered and had with a guy a year younger than her and he is the light of her life, they are wonderful together.

Age is just a except for the instances of health and well-being issues, etc. But you shouldn't feel awkward, embarrassed or anything of the sort. If a guy feels right to you, it shouldn't worry you if he's 18, 28 or Is this still revelant?

As you get older you will realize that age really doesn't matter all three guys that I've dated in the past were younger than me by say 1 or 2 years and well they of course didn't work out because we were so different personality wise. I am now talking to some guys that are 2 to 5 years younger than me surprisingly the one that is 5 years younger than me is so mature is shocking. The others are yes say 2 or 3 years younger than me and while they maybe a bit immature they are so fun and when they do make a mistake they learn from it so they are becoming more mature.

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What Girls Said Zandra Xper 4. I definitely would not date someone younger than me. My current boyfriend is four years older than me and while sometimes I feel like he is lightyears ahead of me as far as his education and career, I think that we are on similar maturity levels.

I want to be with someone who has their life on track and who is independent and already making something of themselves, not someone who has just graduated high school. It's not that there's anything wrong with 18 year old guys. I'm sure plenty of them are totally awesome!

It's just not what I want in a relationship. MixedTwit Xper 6. I am currently dating a guy who is 1 year and a couple days younger than me, it's funny cuz when my birthday comes, I'll be older than him by 2 years but only god a couples days and then he has his birthday and it's 1 year again. But he's in the same grade as me but I'm old for my grade cuz I had to repeat cuz of location issues.

But honestly I don't mind, it doesn't make a difference if he's a year younger or older, he would still be the same guy he is and I like him for that, and usually I like dating guys who r older but now that I'm dating someone younger I realize it doesn't really matter. My guy is half a year younger than me so not much of a difference, especially if you have the future in mind.

However as we can see in the poll, there are lots of superficial girls out there who mind a one year difference because they clearly aren't thinking long term. Also lemme just say slightly younger men tend to treat their women with a lot of respect and are constantly trying to impress them to prove she's not missing out on the guys that are a year older than him.

They really don't need to but they choose to :P If you're looking for a 'hit it then quit it' then go for a guy whos older why not, if you actually CARE for someone, don't let others' superficiality get to you, go ahead and consider the guys who are a year younger! Age doesn't matter though.. I've also been linked with someone who has much younger than me. And it feels natural for me.

It feels the same Bellarina6 opinions shared on Dating topic. Xper 6. It's really not a huge deal as a lot of people might make it seem, especially a one year difference. My last ex was three years younger than me. It wasn't a big deal to either of us. I didn't see him as a baby. We were both in our twenties. The guy in a relationship really does not need to be the older one. If there is both a genuine feeling and you have the same future dreams, then why turn it down because of a year difference?

In HS my boyfriend was a year younger, but he had skipped a grade. It really made not difference. Also a HS teacher had slept with him and taught him the ropes at age 15 so he knew how to do everything when we eventually started making love in college. This was years ago and I still run into him. He is just fine. My husbad is 3 years younger and that is fine. I am currently and Senior dating a Junior. Who cares about age honestly its only because you are in high school and there are the titles to the age levels. One year means nothing as long as he does not act like he is younger than you.

If he is still immature then i would leave that one up to your opinion of him. LittleMissGriff Xper 6. This is aaaaaaaaall about the age bracket, honestly. Between , I wouldn't've dated someone younger. There may have been a possible exception, but in general, the maturity differences really are that large. However, I'm 25 now. If someone isn't starting to act like an adult by 23, they won't by 30 and age is less important than the quality of the person.

In fact, my older sister ended up marrying a man two years her junior and there's never been any issues over it at all. GirlsLie Yoda. Only a year? I always liked older men so I thought it would be too weird at first but once you really love someone you forget the age gap even exist and the things you do notice can be fun lol. Lena19 Xper 6. I'm currently dating my first and current boyfriend who is 10 months younger than me.

Personally, I found it weird when we first started out, but I got used to it. He treats me like a queen and I can say that none of the guys that I liked who were older than me treated me that way. Though it varies with everyone.

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Dating someone a year younger

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