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How could I meet any serious romantic contenders when I was hop-scotching around the world, landing back in Paris every weeks? Pondering how I could do a little parisien fishing from a beach on Bali or the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, I kept coming back to what seemed like the best solution: to cast my net into the sea of Paris online dating. My journey on the virtual Love Boat was not necessarily smooth, but I survived its rocky waters with some useful lessons… and entertaining anecdotes.

Ready to set sail? I would be back in Paris for six weeks before heading off for another four. It lasted a day. This time around would be the first time I was truly going to make a concerted effort. Decision made, I now needed to choose a site. The character Dave from my book has been on it for a while now and raves about it though, in truth, he loves its approach more than the it garnered him and my friend Maude, did have some success on it amidst several disasters, so I thought I had nothing to lose… well except a lot of time and all my hope in dating.

Most sites ask you to list a few of your interests or what your looking for, but on OKCupid, you can answer dozens of questions which, in theory, match you with candidates who have similar interests, values, sexual habits, life ambitions etc. After ing a few photos, scribbling profile description and answering a zillion questions, I was in business. And quickly my quest seemed to be getting off to a promising start! I actually did have dates lined up for practically right after returning, not quite 7 in one week… but over 10 days. That said, my determination to succeed had other forces to reckon with, recounted in these entertaining stories and some practical lessons I learnt along the way.

I urge you to read to the end… there are some surprises! When your online dating profile goes live, you make a star-studded entrance onto all the dashboards and matches s of your target audience. Oh my, this was another world! I had some ideas… but they looked like such normal guys! Well, well, well. My second mistake with this was my first date.

I would learn to be more selective, with some more trial and error. Part of the problem of Date 1 was that while I really had skimmed over his profile text, not carefully enough and I seemed to forget he was … a math teacher. I had nothing to lose… except achieving my mission. The first guy, Date 2 , was a little on the young side, however, from the photos he looked cute and we started ing back and forth. The conversation was not. He proceeded to force me to guess, yes force verbally , the various moves from which you can knock out a competitor during a match.

Fifteen minutes later, we were both defeated. Me in his guessing game, and him as a dating contender. In the heat of my project managing, attempting to get enough dates lined up, fielding new likes and piling up s, I made my worst faux pas. I replied, he suggested getting together that weekend, I took a day to assess my rendezvouses and when I wrote back he said he was all booked up.

Well, well then. He awkwardly flagged down the waiter, who, in typical French style, took forever to bring us the bill, stretching out the anguish. Sure enough, when I went back to check out his profile… it was completely blank!

Lesson learnt! He had a filled in profile, we seemed to have a least a few things in common, including that he was a writer. Though while not wildly attractive, had a je ne sais quoi, so I replied to his . France being one of the largest producers of film, I could naturally believe this. I used to work at a film school and perked up at the thought of reviving that slightly dormant. Not exactly the 39 listed as his age and some rather outdated photos to boot. Okay, fine, I guess. Yes, As technology was progressing, cell-regeneration would enable it.

I thought he looked about years older than 39… maybe he was actually 50 years older than 39?? While I was trying to digest this bizarre futurism, his phone buzzed with a text message. After some sighs and clicking send on a text message he proceeded to tell me that he was going to be in an upcoming film. I knew someone who could use a good shrink… and he was sitting across from me!

Sure, I could pay my own 4. Woe was me! He looked cute enough, was 40 and worked in advertising. French yet international. Sounded perfect! We started ing back and forth quite often. Of all the matches he was by far my favorite. He was witty, had a totally Mad Men job, soon I was imagining myself swanning through cocktail parties in a sixties style dress.

Some s: essential. Too many: possibly disastrous. I used this new philosophy with my next date. He sent me a nice little and after while examining his profile, I instantly caught his love of travel and his intriguing profession: ethnologist. He seemed like a really nice guy and he even suggested a cultural date. That was more than most of the others had attempted. Alas, despite the colossal artwork around us, there were no colossal sparks.

Could I carry on this dating quest? This was getting both sad and tiring. In the meantime, others had contacted me. I dragged myself out of my shocked start to ask him about his… girlfriend. Broken up, huh?? For real this time? He kept writing me, even as recently as a few weeks ago, but I have no time of day for the likes of him. Could I only trudge up worthless options?? What was I to do! After almost two weeks into my mission, I was wiped. This online dating was a lot of work! And up to then… had yielded very few .

Before I could wallow in too much gloom, the love vibes of Paris had already started their magic. My 7th date was not from the dating site. However, with starting all this dating, I must have started exuding romance.

Well, he also could have tried harder. But this time I pegged him down and we met up. We had a really nice time and even made plans to do a hipster bar crawl around SoPi. Then he once again disappeared back into his turtle shell as soon as I actually tried to schedule our SoPi crawl.

Next June? Mr Mali! We were just on different planets, plain and simple. I had to raise the white flag on this dating battlefield. A big thank you to Photographer Jennifer Marx for the fun photoshoot back in the midst of all these dates.

And to Gail of Perfectly Paris for the lovely venue for the shoot! Lily Heise is a Paris-based writer, originally hailing from Canada. She has lived in Paris since and contributes to international and local publications. Thanks for having a look Karin… and for your sympathy! Indeed it can feel hopeless. Thanks for having a look, glad you found the post useful. Dating — online or otherwise — is certainly challenging! Very helpful and Great information, we appreciate advise especially coming from a professional.

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Dating websites paris

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