Duggars dating bates

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The Bates family and the Duggar family seem to have a lot in common at first glance. Both families have 19 children, and both belong to the same ultra-conservative Christian ministry. Rumors have swirled about a couple of pairings, but neither family has confirmed any romance. However, family followers may have just uncovered evidence that Carlin Bates and Joseph Duggar had a failed courtship. Everyone seems to think the Bates and the Duggars were almost in-laws. Before she began dating Evan in , Joe was spending an awful lot of time with the Bates family at their home in Tennessee. Yes, the then year-old Joe was said to be attending college in the area, and he remains close to the Bates boys, but family critics think he was hanging around the house for another reason.

That is, until now. One Reddit user found evidence that seems to put the two together romantically shortly before Carlin met Evan and Joe started courting Kendra. They were not, though. Joy-Anna Duggar was seated with them, but the rest of the Bates and the Duggar family members were nowhere around. Michael married Brandon Kellen in Joe would have been about 20, and Carlin would have been Joy and Carlin are close friends.

Both have married other people and have children with their spouses. Carlin and Evan have one daughter, and Joe and Kendra are expecting their third child together. So, could another courtship be in the works? Fans of the two families think so. If one of the Bates sons were to court Johannah, any announcement would still be years away. Andrea Francese Linkedin.

Duggars dating bates

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Wait, What? New Details About A Duggar-Bates Courtship Leaked