Ex moved on fast

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November 1, Has your ex moved on immediately? Started dating? Seems happy? Got into a new relationship even? Find yourself asking, why did my ex move on so fast? How could they, even? These are the kind of thoughts it starts to ignite. You wish they were still with you. It will guide you through the process. There could be many reasons why your ex has seemingly moved on so quickly. Maybe the relationship was toxic and they stopped loving you before the relationship was over.

Or perhaps the two of you had grown into more friends than lovers. So in answer to our question, why do exes move on so fast? The simplest explanation — because they chose to try to escape the pain instead of facing it. Alternatively they may carry that weight into their new relationship.

You start to think, hold up a minute… this is nothing to do with me, nor is it a reflection on me. But as soon as you accept that, and feel okay with it, it starts to get easier. Why has my ex moved on so quickly?

What does it mean? It is especially hard when your ex literally goes from you to someone else. You start to think: was there a cross-over? Were they cheating on me? When did they stop loving me and start thinking about other people? What to do and think when your ex moves on immediately? But it just means you have something more concrete to help you accept and let go.

If your ex moved on quickly, does it ever work out? Well for sure. I have to play devils advocate here — and sometimes it does. See, it is also possible that your ex moved on quickly and genuinely moved on. I mean, we offer a Six Week Heal From Heartbreak Programme so it is possible to work through it in a shorter space of time. Lucky huh?! Also remember: if they can do it, so can you. If anyone can do anything, it means you can do it too. What to do if your ex moved on quickly? Accept it. Let it go.

And release any pain that comes with it. Deal with it properly. Deal especially with any anger. It takes work and strength. You have to keep reminding yourself of the things you already know, be kind to yourself, and motivate yourself to keep pushing… to find your fight. It makes no difference if you really think about it. Hope this help. For more breakup support, . Take care! Spread the love. Ultimately, when confronted with a traumatic experience, we as humans tend to react with our fight or flight mechanisms.

Ex moved on fast

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