Filipino prostitutes in hong kong

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I am me. He is stout, middle-aged, Asian, and has been working on a Japanese language exercise book since the plane took off. His question seemed harmless enough anyway. I love Philippines. Nothing strange about it, I do the same sometimes to people from countries I am fondly familiar with.

Little is being said about it, but everybody knows: Filipino women have a less-than-savoury reputation abroad. Although many good things are being said about us loving, affectionate, kind, customer oriented, that we make good nurses, helpers, nannies, and caregivers , the negative overpowers the positive. That woman your husband will cheat on you with. The easy lay. A foreigner will not see or respect a Filipino woman the same way he will see or interact with a European, Latina, or Australian woman.

On a night out in Madrid, my Spanish girlfriend and I were making our way out of a nightclub. At least four men stopped me on my way out, a couple downright telling me to go home with them. If it were a Spanish pija posh girl they would never come on that way! I am outraged! Do you know these girls? This is what they think of us. It is with a sinking feeling that I listen to the beginning of that all-too-familiar speech that has invaded introductory conversations with men and some women for most of my twenties.

An Irish man I used to date told his officemates about me once. This is how they see us. I will surely offend many by saying I hate to be branded this way. The sad reality is that most of my countrywomen are only doing what they can to make their lives better. I want to be regarded with more respect and dignity. Of course, you can prove them wrong when they get to know you. To that end, this stereotyping may ultimately seem to be a shallow and bothersome thing, but it should not be dismissed. A few days back, in Tokyo, an Australian man — a friend of a friend, whom I met at a birthday event — turned passive-aggressive on me when I refused to pander to him, as he was clearly expecting something else.

During my first year in Hong Kong, after quickly realising that men expect me — as a Filipina — to be warm, open and flirty, there was a period when I would try to avoid saying where I was from. Later I realised I was doing myself and my country a disservice. I am not ashamed to say it, but often I have to mentally brace myself after my country of origin comes up in conversation.

While drinking with some friends one Wednesday night in Hong Kong, I refused to talk to a Japanese man who was trying to chat to me. As I walked away, his friends followed and tried shoving a thousand Hong Kong dollars in my face, as if that would change my mind. Once, a South Asian man followed me as I got off a minibus to go home.

He was trying bargain with me: five hundred Hong Kong dollars was all I was worth that night. My terrorised twenty-two-year-old self had to run across Nathan Road and jump over a barrier to get away from him. Another time, my sister and I were walking home when a French guy crossed over the street to talk to us.

I am reserved and cold, the opposite of friendly; I cut people down, do not smile or laugh when first meeting strangers, I rarely initiate conversation. I always go to Manila. I know this trick; they try to lure you by using professional opportunities as bait. Sadly, I think it actually works with many women.

Again, this is standard. I may be accused of being a shrew, but sometimes, there really is such a thing as being too nice. Her addictions include dessert, interesting people, dancing, Madrid, and Berlin. Follow her adventures on Instagram or on her blog. You must be logged in as a Coconuts User to comment. Domestic helper, prostitute, or nurse? Living with the Filipina stereotype in Hong Kong. By Julienne Raboca. Topics: Hong Kong , Features , Opinion. Subscribe Now. Now. Our latest and greatest original videos. Subscribe on. Become a Patron .

Filipino prostitutes in hong kong

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