Go carts in myrtle beach

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The family friendly go-kart race park features seven different tracks where you can experience the adrenaline-pumping thrill of sliding into wicked tight turns, accelerating around a high-banking oval and zooming past your competition on long straightaways. And you don't need a driver's to get behind the wheel of these low-riding race cars. The selection of courses includes several tracks for young drivers with a minimum height requirement as little as 40 inches.

Feel the need for speed? Strap yourself into the Formula 1-style karts on the Grand Prix Pro Track - the fastest run in the park. Racers can hit a top speed of 20 mph on this fun quarter-mile course. While that might not warrant a speeding ticket in a school zone, it's a rush whizzing around the track's nearly two dozen turns with your foot firmly planted on the gas. For more fast driving, try the Speed Racer, a shorter track where you can test your skills flooring it around several sharp turns.

The Slick Track offers a different kind of exhilaration. The oval speedway's surface has been polished to allow drivers to drift around turns like the professional drivers you see on television commercials, only without the screeching wheels and burning rubber. If you want the excitement of driving on high banks, take a few laps around the High Bank Oval Track. This course offers three types of cars: a speed kart for drivers at least 54 inches tall, a junior kart with a inch minimum height requirement and a family kart that offers a passenger seat for kids 40 to 47 inches.

The same kinds of karts are available on the Family Track. Young drivers who want to drive solo can opt for the Kids Track or the Junior Racer. In addition to go-kart racing, Broadway Grand Prix features two mini golf courses, an arcade, a rock climbing wall, a foot sky coaster, and a kids zone with seven different rides and a snack bar. You can also purchase tickets separately for each of the amusements. Details: Broadway Grand Prix is located on U. A acre shopping, dining and entertainment complex featuring more than specialty shops, 20 restaurants, attractions such as Myrtle Ripley's Marie McAden.

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Go carts in myrtle beach

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