I give hour long foot massages

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Few things feel better than a massage, and few forms of massage feel as good as a foot massage! Some ancient practices and a growing body of medical research even suggest that massaging specific pressure points on your feet can heal conditions affecting entirely different parts of your body. The belief that putting pressure on certain areas of your feet can heal ailments elsewhere is called reflexology. It stems from traditional Chinese medicine. The science behind reflexology remains unclear, but a great deal of research shows that it is effective at soothing and managing pain.

In , an audit of British physiotherapists found that reflexology was effective at reducing pain and inducing relaxation in people with chronic pain. Studies also show that foot massage can help reduce pain after breast surgery. Further studies show that reflexology can reduce anxiety in people about to undergo medical testing or hospitalization. One study showed that people with low back pain saw better with reflexology than with massage of the lower back itself. If you want to treat your back to some reflexology, focus the massage on the arches of your feet and follow these steps:.

Myofascial release therapy targets the thin tissue that covers your muscles, bones, and organs. The pain in these tissues originates at trigger points that are hard to localize, according to the Mayo Clinic. Tightness in one place, like your feet, can pull the web out of place in other spots. And scientific opinion aside, it certainly feels good! Enjoy exploring your pressure points and learn which angles and how much pressure suit you. A special note for people with diabetes: Check with a doctor before massaging, since diabetic nerve damage could be affected by pressure.

One thing is certain, our feet do take a beating, and deep massage can make them feel so good that you forget about other aches and pains. Harsh weather and pounding pavement can cause your feet to crack and peel. Here are remedies to help, from the latest crazes to tried and true…. Find out what this massage-like therapy can do for chronic pain. Massage therapy can help relieve physical aches and pains and improve your mood. Learn more about its potential benefits for treating depression. Learn what breakthrough pain is and how you can manage it with proper medication, dosing, and other treatments.

Treating pain with hot and cold can be extremely effective for a of different conditions and injuries. The tricky part is knowing which…. Hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It offers a of health benefits, in addition to relieving muscle tension and pain. Learn more. Health Conditions Discover Plan Connect. Medically reviewed by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph. Research For anxiety For low back pain For general pain Takeaway It began with Chinese medicine Few things feel better than a massage, and few forms of massage feel as good as a foot massage!

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I give hour long foot massages

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