I love kickboxing boynton beach

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They have several locations. I go to the Boynton Beach one, and the instructors there, Bri and Mel, know how to teach you to get the best workout of your life, get you in the best shape of your life and feel better about yourself and your life. You will wish you have ed up a long time ago! After being in an abusive relationship I started having social anxiety. The medicine they put me on made me gain 40 pounds.

I was in pain mentally and physically. All that we all want is to feel apart of something. To feel like we belong somewhere! All the staff is so friendly and really made me feel welcomed. I absolutely love it! The classes are challenging, but you are in control of how hard you push yourself. They always show you ways you can make the moves more challenging or modify them to accommodate your intensity level. Everyone is very encouraging and I love the push I get during workouts.

I love ILKB! You are always greeted kindly and with great smiles. The place is always clean and what I love is that it does not smell like sweat, they make sure it smells fresh and clean. I highly recommend this place because you will walk out feeling fresh and closer to your set goal. It doesn't matter what the class size is. Whoever my instructor is, they help me improve my skills and technique everytime I come in. Such a great atmosphere and always so positive. Usually I struggle to stay interested in a fitness routine, but with ILKB, everyday is different and I never get bored!!!

I'm new at kick boxing so this was all a learning experience for me. I've tried 2 other places before deciding where to . Ilkb deff sparked my interested the most between the three. The environment is clean and well-maintained. The workouts are outstanding and effective. Well worth it. ILKB is my second family. Healthy way to get rid of any aggression and fun way to sweat out toxins! Every class is diffrent so the muscles stay confused! The class is fun, the instructors are all great and the energy gives you the momentum to come back! I look forward to seeing my ILKB family! Let the work out the routine that the staff.

They are dedicated helpful and pleasant. Beats the old boring gym. This is surprisingly entertaining and a whirlwind of a work out. I was searching for strengthening with cardio and improved coordination and agility. Great choice for anyone concerned about impact.

This is catered to your own pace. This is an extremely thorough session. Arrive early. Be prepared. Thank you for the opportunity to train with some of the world's finest. I definitely found that as soon as I stepped in iLoveKickboxing. They are a family, they care about each and everyone of their members. They go above and beyond to support you and challenge you in your journey. Since I started my confidence and motivation have grown. The fun upbeat music is a great distraction from torturing your body, the amazing staff are very encouraging.

The entire experience is what keeps me coming back. Before last week I had never done kickboxing ever! Even if you think your in shape or half. The instructors make it worthwhile and make it fun!! The trainers were knowledgable, professional and a lot of fun! It was the most fun I've ever had exercising! In the end I lost Super Great Experience!!!

I definitely recommend ing! Everyone is so encouraging and it truly is a great atmosphere. Always greeted with a warm hello and huge smile. It is a great way to start my workout, even when I struggled to get out of bed and decide to these amazing people who are committed to help me reach my goals. I also found that the other class participants are so friendly and supportive. I am so sore in so many new places, but love the format of the class and truthfully, the hour files by! Come the fun and killer workout.

The instructors are the best! Little work is better than no work! I used to take boxing classes so this is one step up for me. I really enjoy the hard workout and the instructors are amazing!! I love the full body work out and how great I feel after leaving. The staff is great, no complaints ever. Amazing for all fitness levels!!!

So don't be intimidated and try it! Everybody there is so encouraging and welcoming. From the time you enter with the greeting you get from the great staff, to the motivation they provide you during the class, to the final stretch where the encouragement of the job you did will entice you to come back again and again. As a member since the opening day I can honestly say that ILKB is the best Cardio workout I have ever had and encourage anyone and everyone to get up off the couch and make the hardest move, getting thereā€¦.

I ed up the first day. They had a welcome with my name on it when I walked in and the staff was very friendly and helpful in preparing me for my first class. The instructors are also very involved with the class. They show you what to do every class so you never have to worry about getting lost or confused.

They also push you to give it all you've got but not in an overbearingly way, they always tell you you can modify the work-out if your struggling to keep up with the intensity. I've been a member for about a month now and I've already noticed a difference in my body, how I feel, and my confidence in combat. ILoveKickboxing has not only helped me lose weight, but it has also become a hobby! I love to be there, the instructors are great and so is the music!

Definitely recommended!! I wanted to get a jumpstart on obtaining my goal weight. It has been sucha great experience, the staff is amazing, they give you personal attention on your formations along with guidance to obtain your goal weight.

Not only did I win the challenge and lost the weight, I feel better than ever! It's just what I needed! Love the classes. Love the instructors. I love all of the instructors! They are all amazing and all have high energy all the time! Corporate keeps the work outs intense, fun, and ever changing.

They offer so many incentives when you , they always have some kind of challenges going on, a very flexible class schedule, and they have a clean facility!

I love kickboxing boynton beach

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