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If you are looking for the perfect island in Thailand that has it all — beautiful beaches, a huge choice of both fine Thai and Western restaurants, shopping malls, and overwhelmingly many Farang friendly Thai ladies — then you will find your paradise on Koh Samui.

The largest island in the Gulf of Thailand even larger than Koh Chang has the most happening nightlife and the highest of female Thai sex workers. In other words:. And because there is so much going on here and huge differences in the nightlife and girls scene depending on the beach, I think it makes sense to give you a rough overview of the daily entertainment before going into each category. There is literally nothing to monger on the western and southern coast. Only if you are reaching the island by ferry you are going to see the west coast as the ferry terminal is located there.

It takes about 45 minutes to one hour to cross the island from west to east by motorbike. Yes, there are also plenty of beer bars and massage salons happy ending ones but not nearly as many and I also found the quality of girls in Chaweng is so much better than in Lamai. The young and beautiful simply go where the money, big hotels and busy nightclubs are. There are also some hotels on the southern and northern coast, such as Bophut Beach , Maenam Beach and Lipa Noi Beach , but again: Those places are better for reading books all day long and a quiet seafood dinner at night.

Almost ready to go into the various types of nightlife on Samui, but just one more thing I noticed here: The girls are super attentive and yelling at you louder and with more enthusiasm than pretty much anywhere else in Thailand.

Even when you drive past a massage salon they try to get your attention. Free pool, 80 Baht Chang bottles or Baht pints , lots of TVs with live sport and modern yet cosy setup. They also got free pool and table tennis. I have highlighted the main hotspots of bars on the map, they are often clustered together with massage salons see below. The bar fines in the girly bars are between and Baht and the lady drinks generally cost Baht. Short time sex with a Samui bar girl costs 1,, Baht negotiable.

Other smaller and low key bars like Ketum Bar in Chaweng lure in their customers with comfortable seating, a laid back and romantic atmosphere as well as cheap drinks like 99 Baht cocktails and 60 Baht beers. Chaweng Beach is home to all major night clubs on Koh Samui. And three of the most popular venues are found on the party strip of Soi Green Mango with by far the most popular one being Green Mango Club which became so legendary during its 26 years history that the whole street got named after it.

Sound is the third and least visited club on Soi Green Mango. Should you get bored with those places then you might try Q Bar , which is a more upscale venue on top of a steep hill with fine views over Chaweng lake, Ark Bar Beach Club that is just like the name suggests a mix of beach bar and beach club, Reggae Pub picture with live music and open air views over Chaweng lake or, if you want to party Thai style like the locals do with a bottle of whiskey and Thai music: X-5 in a quiet road near the airport.

One of them is called Dream Girls and has girls even hotter than the ones in the beer bars dancing on the self-rotating stage. There are always half a dozen of dancers on stage trying to make eye contact with the customers while the others walk around and introduce themselves to you before politely asking for a lady drink Baht and to sit next to you. The atmosphere is pretty laid-back though.

I talked to the mamasan about this and obviously she said that the officials are currently not cooperative in this matter. Drink prices range from Baht for beers to Baht for spirits. Just smile when she suggests 1, Baht for a hand job, you should pay no more than Baht for it, if you are a little skilled and lucky you may even get away for Baht. I have highlighted the major clusters with at least half a dozen of massage salons in one area on the map below yellow pins.

Kind of well kept secrets and only known to few people are the two massage parlors in a quiet street nearby the airport. Ki-Mo-No offers Japanese style massages with nuru gel which basically makes your body hotter than standard oil, and thus brings you on temperature very quickly so you have to be careful to not shoot off your load too quickly. If you like prostate massage then you can have that too for an additional Baht.

The only soapy massage parlor on Samui is located about meters further down the road and is called The Resort Entertainment. Yes, these are Farang prices and if you talk with her nicely, you can bring down the prices a little. After you agreed with her on one of the services she will call in the girls who line up in front of you and you make your choice before following her up to the room and enjoy the next 90 minutes in heaven.

There are two such places on Chaweng Beach and one on Lamai Beach see map below. The way it works in these places is that you order a drink, enjoy the show on stage impressive costumes and gestures etc. If you like her, you can also arrange to meet her after work at 2am for some naughty fun in your hotel room.

Of course another great way to meet ladyboys for free, not just on Koh Samui but all around Thailand is by using the popular online dating site. Also, a lot of massage salons in Chaweng have ladyboys employed, especially those shops at the very northern and southern ends of the beach. That was quite an extensive nightlife guide on Koh Samui, I hope that you got some good overview now and as always, I will make sure to update this in the future so the info stays up-to-date. Soapy Massage Parlors on Koh Samui Kind of well kept secrets and only known to few people are the two massage parlors in a quiet street nearby the airport.

Map of Nightlife on Koh Samui That was quite an extensive nightlife guide on Koh Samui, I hope that you got some good overview now and as always, I will make sure to update this in the future so the info stays up-to-date. Where To Do It. Best Free Thai Dating Site. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Contact.

Koh samui massage sex

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