Lady looking casual sex Kim

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Ready for some shocking news? Casual sex without commitment rarely le to orgasms for women! Groundbreaking, we know. Science—as if we needed it to tell us this bit of news—found that women are way less likely to have orgasms while having sex in uncommitted relationships than during sex with committed partners. A study of college students done at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University found that women were twice as likely to reach orgasm while in serious relationships as they were during sex with hook up partners.

For women, researchers and, well, common sense say that sex gets better through developing a sustained relationship with one partner. Practice makes perfect, or something like that. Lack of intimacy is part of the problem, as is sexual compatibility, and sexual partners who are uneducated or unwilling to learn what their partners are into. For others, hooking up, even without an orgasm, is more rewarding, and easier to manage than a real committed relationship. What do you think? Should women seek more pleasure from casual sex, or take it for what it is?

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Lady looking casual sex Kim

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New Study Says Casual Sex Isn’t So Enjoyable for Women: So Why Do We Have It?