Lincoln sudbury lacrosse

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Lincoln-Sudbury Lacrosse has been among the premier high school lacrosse programs in New England since its inception in In teaching our players to strive for excellence on the field, we are teaching them to be excellent teammates, excellent students, and excellent young men. Furthermore, we want to share our love of lacrosse and help to grow the game. This culture is the product of the character of its players and their commitment to the community.

Success on the field is a product of multiple sources: while players put forth tremendous effort and play selflessly during games, the support of parents, alumni and youth coaches provides players the means and the skills they need to excel. Our players are taught to be the First to Serve, and they contribute to their community in a multitude of ways. In addition to helping coach in the youth program to help young players learn, we have a longstanding relationship with One Nation lacrosse, a program that uses lacrosse to teach leadership to inner city youths in Harlem and Boston.

The need is urgent, and there are several different ways that you can help. We of the Lincoln-Sudbury Lacrosse community wish to express our deepest condolences to the family of Yoshitaka Ando, our beloved trainer since We also wish to express our gratitude for his unrivaled service to our program and its athletes for the past 32 years. In addition to keeping our players healthy, strong and in the game, he was an expert coach and strategist on the field and a true wizard off of it, stringing [ One game. One family. HTML Layer. Home webmaster T . Once Again, Thanks Yosh!

Lincoln sudbury lacrosse

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For Lincoln-Sudbury lacrosse, 'Wematin' is a way of life