Lingam massage in cebu city

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Although it is not yet as popular as lingam, Bullecer said Asian tourists, mostly Koreans, avail the services of yoni or massage of the female genitals. They want men. Kasagaran Asian costumers ang hilig ana Asian customers usually avail of that. According to the website, the massage was a form of safe sex and was used to assist women to break through sexual blocks or trauma. Yoni, as well as lingam, is being offered in at least five massage parlors and spas in uptown Cebu City, said Bullecer. At least 25 percent of the massage parlors in Cebu offer lingam.

Bullecer said a massage parlor in uptown Cebu City operates as a health spa but its male masseurs offer lingam services even to their male clients. Patients, who are positive of HIV and are under the care of Aids Free Philippines, told him that they would get percent of the fee charged to the lingam clients.

They would get double or triple the amount if they would provide extra service to their clients. Some spas in the neighboring cities of Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu offer lingam and yoni massages. Some even offer home services. Bullecer cited a businessman who has rented a small office space in Cebu City for his home service operation.

The businessman has a stable of 20 male masseurs and transacts with his clients through phone. The services can be done in areas chosen by the clients. The charges would normally start at P excluding taxi refund. He added they were willing to share their data with any local government unit. The popularity of lingam massage prompted male sex workers to shift careers as masseurs in spas and massage parlors because they were attracted by the fat pay check.

Dili na sila matawag nga callboy, illegal. Indirectly ma legal na ilang trabaho kay naa na man sila sa massage parlor Many of the male sex workers have shifted to lingam because they can justify their work. They are no longer called callboys, illegal.

Bullecer said HIV patients under the care of Aids Free Philippines told him that the spas where they had worked in, offered lingam for a fee of P to P Masseurs would get a share of 20 percent of the fee. They get additional pay if they engage in extra services with their clients. The minimum fee for an extra service was P If they agree to have sex with the clients, they would get at least P on top of what they would get for doing lingam. Bullecer said there were instances that while female masseurs performed the lingam, their clients would also be touching their private parts for a fee.

Provincial Board Member Agnes Magpale has proposed an ordinance that seeks to ban lingam operations in the province. Vice Mayor Joy Augustus Young said they will be calling for a public hearing during the council session on Friday to hear what medical experts have to say about lingam. He said church officials will not be included in the public hearing since they have been vocal about their opposition to lingam. Bullecer, a medical doctor by profession, said that he does not see any medical benefits from lingam. While he supports a ban on lingam, Bullecer said this is difficult to impose because negotiations are done in private.

He, however, said there were means to curb the prostitution that would go with some spa operations through the t effort of the different government agencies. Bullecer said the Cebu City government could impose strict regulation on massage parlors which would include prohibition on the use of enclosed cubicles and by requiring spas to put on lights inside their cubicles. He said the city health department could also consistently check on health cards issued on masseurs while the city treasurers office could conduct a crack down on spas operating without permit.

The Department of Tourism DOT could also help in the regulation of massage parlor and spa operations. In the province, Board Member Magpale yesterday said there was no way that the ordinance crafted by Board Member Arleigh Sitoy could be consolidated to her version that would seek a ban on lingam massage in the prvoince. Mine is for total ban while Sitoy is for regulating.

Two weeks after Magpale submitted her ordinance that called for a ban on lingam massage in the province, Sitoy submitted his own version, which sought to regulate lingam massage in clinics with supervision from doctors and not in massage parlors. Sitoy said that he will present to Magpale some doctors who would vouch that lingam has medical benefits.

This should give the public an alternative to the Nikkei and Bloomberg indices which measure countries against each other without considering domestic circumstances. It is not just the lingam massage that is gaining popularity in Cebu City. Bullecer said male masseurs offer lingam service to male clients because it pays big. Bullecer said these extra services include having sex with their clients. The boom of lingam started four years ago. Cebu City officials are also inclined to pass a measure that will regulate lingam operation. Reject Military!

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Lingam massage in cebu city

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