Love at first sight for men

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A round 8 am on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend , I gave myself a silent pep talk in the mirror. This is a necessary practice for introverts who occasionally want to pass for extroverts, without consuming alcohol.

I was at the College of Santa Fe for the long weekend, to attend a screenwriting conference. I was intent on learning, meeting lots of people, and making the expense of my travel from the east coast and the conference worthwhile. I knew I had to be a bit more outgoing than normal to accomplish this. When the flyer advertising the conference had arrived in the mail, the tagline had gotten my attention. It said:. Chance are you will meet someone who will change your life. I tucked a cardigan into my bag in case it was cold in one of the classrooms and headed out, locking the door behind me.

As I walked down the hall toward the stairwell, two men were exiting another room. Before I could lose my nerve, I said good morning and asked if they were heading to breakfast. The pep talk had worked. They seemed a bit surprised but were friendly.

We all introduced ourselves. For a second I might have wondered if they were a couple. Shared room. San Francisco. But as we descended the staircase at the end of the hall the dark-haired one casually let me know he was single and heterosexual. I wish to this day I remembered exactly how he did this. This is a man. It was a weird thought. He was obviously a man! But I knew what it really meant: he was the one.

After getting in late the night before, he awoke the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend in a dorm room at the College of Santa Fe with his friend. This conference was a of their commitment. As they finished getting ready, his friend turned on his video camera, pointed it toward him, and said:. Your destiny is waiting for you outside that door. As they opened the door, the video camera was turned off. And it was at just that moment I appeared and invited them to breakfast. And at breakfast, he knew.

We were inseparable the rest of the weekend. Being together felt both incredibly exciting and very comfortable. Two years later at our wedding rehearsal dinner, we all watched the video taken that morning. We had fallen in love at first sight. As our daughters are getting older and we recently retold them this story, I worried it might set up unrealistic expectations or pressures on them when it came to finding love. We know plenty of couples who met online, or who were classmates, friends, or co-workers for a while before their relationship bloomed into love. We also have friends who found the love of their life in a second marriage.

Obviously, not everyone falls in love at first sight. But it is more common than I realized. So maybe the fact that I spent most of the two years leading up to that weekend trying to figure out what I wanted in life was important. Maybe that should be included in our story. I had actually written in my journal earlier that week that I felt I would meet someone.

My mother had thought so too. She was half right. Psychologists say that the sensation of love at first sight is the result of a chemical reaction. When we recently watched some video footage from the weekend we met, the attraction we both felt was so obvious it made us laugh out loud. And we thought we were playing it cool. That can only be determined by following the experience with real efforts to get to know one another.

The hidden danger in a magical meeting is that it might set up false expectations. Psychologists warn that the spark you feel is not love. True love is not a feeling. Love is much more than how you meet. Experiencing love at first sight was fun. It was only the experience that gave us the opportunity to decide if we were going to love one another all the days since then. And so far, so good. Also in P. I Love You:. Relationships Parenting Food Life Mother, wife, and left-handed herbivore.

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Love at first sight for men

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Love at First Sight: Does it Exist in Today’s World?