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Chronogram on Facebook. Chronogram on Twitter. Woodstock is emerging from a years-long reinvention, slowly hanging up its tie-dyed identity of yore. Four years later, they have a thriving dining destination and each of the partners has carved out a distinct lane for themselves. Doris helms the kitchen as the executive chef, while Betty handles bookkeeping and office support. Grant, the only one with any prior experience in the industry, runs front of house and general management, and Leonard handles finance, de, and construction.

We thought we could do it, crazily. But the space needed a lot of work. Renovations took over six months and included replacing the entire post-and-beam support structure, building a square-foot addition for the kitchen, and constructing a massive covered outdoor patio. But the hard work paid off, and in early November Good Night opened with the polished sophistication of a long-standing establishment.

I wanted to bring a little bit of that culture to Woodstock. The combined culinary repertoire of Southeast Asian countries is a good match for the produce of the region, according to Choi. You can work with so many different herbs and spices—cilantro, mint, basil. Southeast Asian cuisine has more range to incorporate those flavors. Over the past four years running the kitchen at Silvia, Choi has moved more and more in the direction of plant-based cooking.

This open-armed embrace of vegetables is well-timed for the moment we are in, as diners become increasingly environment- and health-conscious with their choices. I only use coconut milk. In mid-November, the Good Night menu boasts a whopping nine apps and eight mains, and Choi is still adding dishes here and there. The appetizer list is split into hot and cold. In short, a perfect salad. On the hot side, the tofu dish may surprise you. The salad, a bouquet of aromatics perfectly dressed with a pickled pear and chili vinaigrette, is the only accompaniment you need.

Along with the cilantro and mint, these provide valuable flavor balancing. Here, the art is in making the perfect bite. As you make your way through the dish, the experience evolves as the heat from the greens and brown garlic and ginger sauce permeate the core of the noodles, softening them. Larb, a classic dish in Laos and Vietnam usually made with ground meat and served on lettuce leaves, is reincarnated here as a vegan delicacy. Choi soaks and brines the walnuts before hand-chopping them to soften the edge of crunch and give the texture of ground protein.

This ethos of festive yet intimate connection permeated the de of the space. The vaulted, open-plan barn structure could have easily felt cavernous, but partner Craig Leonard, who spearheaded the de, masterfully turned it into a space that is both cozy and effortlessly chic. Using banquettes to create a square in the center of the room and lining the walls with bench seating, Leonard managed to make the dining room almost exclusively corner tables.

The plush velvet seen at Silvia carries over to Good Night, trading green for rosier hues of coral, cognac, copper, and gold. Impressive twin chandeliers dangle delicately from the highest point of the ceiling, like upside-down wedding cakes formed from convex tongues of milky white and pale pink glass.

But the true focal point of space is the curving, foot bar that lines the entire right side of the space. Behind the bar, a tiered, backlit shelf turns the liquor display into another facet of the decor. The space has a sort of old Hollywood glam. Subtle soundproofing lines the sloped ceilings, but a lively din still permeates the restaurant.

In another era, people would have dressed to the nines to come here and drink cocktails while smoking cigarettes and mingling at the long bar. Tags: Restaurants , good night , doris choi , silvia , southeast asian food , woodstock restaurants , southeast asian restaurants. More Restaurants ». Chronogram on Facebook Chronogram on Twitter Instagram. Chronogram Magazine. Pin It. Favorite Saving…. Speaking of Subscribe to this thread:. By . With RSS. Hudson Valley Events submit event Events. Slideshow Gallery. Hudson: Off Warren Street. More Slideshows….

By Chronogram Staff Dec 1, Stay in the know with the latest on dispensary openings, industry news, cultivation tips, and more as we cover the emerging cannabis scene in New York and the Northeast. Welcome to High Society. First Name. Last Name.

Marital affair Hughsonville New York

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