Massage and other services in dubai

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They provide the much needed rejuvenation that is required by the body and the mind, and allow one to return to their daily lives as a fresh man. Certain massages even contain medicinal qualities and can help you get rid of muscle inflammations, provide help coping with anxiety, help heal small diseases, etc. They also keep your body fit and ensure the maintenance of a healthy immunity system. However, with the current world becoming faster by the day we are needed to churn out more hours to keep its pace. And as a result, we hardly get any time for self-care.

Our top-notch masseurs are sent to ensure that you get the all-round spa feeling right at your home and save your much valuable time in the process. So, here is a list of the massage services that we provide as a part of our CoraSpa home massage services. A deep tissue massage is an ancient healing technique that makes use of various natural resources and the different pressure points of the human body. A mixture of essential oils and herbs is prepared and then rubbed over the body followed by an intense massage session.

This oil seeps through the pours of your skin and relaxes each and every muscle while also regulating the blood flow between the muscles at a normal capacity. There are also other benefits from a deep tissue massage. The mixture of herbs and essential oil provides a strong aroma that can induce a slight trance like state. This added to the massage pressure can help release mental tensions and make coping with mental stress much easier.

Deep tissue massages are usually provided in-house by all spas, but we have modernized it appropriately to ensure we can present it as a part of our home massage Dubai services. Shiatsu massages, although an ancient and revered technique, has become common to most spas and are availed by customers quite frequently. The procedure of a Shiatsu massage involves the use of both hands and feet to deliver the massage. Focused massaging is done at selected spots to ensure that all muscle related problems are dealt with in a sufficient manner.

The Shiatsu massage concentrates more on the back and the pressure points that lie along the spinal cord. This given the feeling of complete relaxation and removes any possible chance of a back pain. Shiatsu massages are also helpful for calming the nerves of those suffering from anxiety. They are known to have been used in ancient days to help fight mental disorders.

This is a highly personalized massage therapy that is suited to the needs of the client. The goal of this massage is to provide complete relaxation and ensure that blood flow to the heart is normal and well regulated. The procedure involves various methods such as circular massages done with the hand, tapping techniques on pressure points, kneading along the line of blood flow, etc. Even smaller diseases such as common colds, allergies, flus, etc. And now with CoraSpa you can avail this massage at your home.

Our relaxation massage therapy brings together the knowledge and techniques of various ancient cultures to provide you with an all-round and deeply satisfying massage session. With the help of Thai acupressure techniques, Ayurvedic knowledge of herbs, and Yoga — we provide a massage session that will keep the healing effect burning inside your body. These massages last anywhere between an hour to 90 minutes and are provided as per the necessities of the client.

After our relaxation massage session, you will feel that your breathing capability has increased, and you will feel light headed as well due to the removal of stress. CoraSpa brings to your residence a completely rejuvenation therapy in the shape of our relaxation massage.

Choose from one of our four mobile services and enjoy a complete rejuvenation session at the comfort of your home residence. The days of spending time to travel to the spa is over, welcome CoraSpa to your home! Privacy Policy of our Spa. You can now simply walkin to our spa - Keeping our clients and staff safe is our top Priority. This is being achieved both by maintaining best sanitation and cleanliness practices and keeping you as safe as possible. Home Massage.

Deep tissue massage. Call Now Book Online. Shiatsu massage. Swedish Massage. Relaxation massage. Why Choose Us? CoraSpa is not only one of the most trusted massage parlors in Dubai, but also provides professional care at budget prices. We combine the values of ancient methods and modern physiotherapy to provide the best possible massage therapy possible. All masseurs are trained to the optimum level to provide all necessary services. We value your time and thus our services are always delivered on the clock.

Our masseurs are ready to travel to any part of Dubai to provide you therapy sessions. We provide separate VIP services as well for those who require it. Our primary goal is client satisfaction and hence you can expect only premium level of services.

Massage and other services in dubai

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