Massage thailand happy ending

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One of the great things about Thailand is the ease with which high quality and affordable Thai massage is so readily available. If you have decided yourself on taking one, this lesson will make your experience a little easier and enjoyable. If this is your first time taking a Thai massage, you will usually see a like this one showing which services are on offer. There are a of different kinds of Thai massage, but perhaps the 2 most common are the traditional Thai massage and the oil massage. Traditional Thai massage can be a bit rough on the body, and tends to be more painful than the oil, which is usually softer in its delivery, though if you have time maybe try both and see which you prefer.

Oil massage is more relaxing, but Thai massage is great when you need to get in deep and crush out some stiffness. Sample Dialogue When you first enter a massage shop, the conversation might go something like this:. So, for example if you have overworked your right arm in a Muay Thai class you can ask for the masseuse to concentrate on this area you could say:.

At the end of a standard Thai massage, the masseuse will more often than not, ask you to sit up and lock your fingers behind your head. They then will bring one of their legs in front of you and proceed to try to tear your torso off of your body. What they are really trying to do is crack your back. The price of a massage in Thailand varies from place to place. As of , you can expect to pay between and baht per hour for a Thai massage in standard massage shop in the center of cities such as Chiang Mai or Bangkok. Oil massages tend to be more expensive and foot massages are sometimes a little cheaper depending on the shop.

Areas that get a lot of tourists can have much higher prices so if you see tour buses and touts all around you, expect to pay more. There are definitely places in Chiang Mai and Bangkok where you can get a massage for baht or less.

Giving massages all day is demanding work and many masseuses will go get massages themselves and they are very likely to be going to go some place much cheaper than what the shop they work at charges. Everyone you ask is going to have a different opinion on how much you should be tipping at a massage. The authors of this post generally tip baht for 1 hour and baht for 2 hours assuming we are happy with the service. I also asked on the Learn Thai from a White Guy Facebook and seemed pretty similar to what everyone else was tipping though there were a few people who tip a set amount for the massage.

Massage shops know that some people have a preference like very strong or very soft massages and some workers are better suited to one type or another. How much do you tip for massages? Contents hide. Veqta Translation Services. Get Started Learn Thai Online. Facebook icon Instagram icon Twitter icon. Return to top of .

Massage thailand happy ending

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Thai Massage