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There is no such thing as "constant uptier" on its own - every time you are bottom BR someone else is top BR - so there is an equal and opposite "constant downtier" to match. But that is not the fault of the BR system although personally I think it sucks in a wider sense. M4A3E2 5. I shall explain further. Now to be clear I'm not saying teams should have perfect parity, but there should at least be something in place that makes them roughly equal.

Tightening up the MM would help a bit. Meaning 5. Ultimately though if they continue to add more vehicles, especially modern ones, then they are going to be left with no choice to either expand the BR system, or rede it completely. They are all about short que times. Everything revolves around that. That won't solve anything as Gaijin will just compress the br further. It makes sense only when you think about que times. If for example, they went to a max br of say 20 which would double what we currently have , that would in theory, create more balance in matches but it would divide the player base up further where matches would be smaller and que times longer.

Then divide that with Arcade, Realistic, Sim and then further divide that by tanks, planes and ships, Heli EC and whatever else. Also another apparent obsession is why there has to be sixteen players on each side, most of the maps are small enough for ten to have a game which is not a knife-fight.

If they decreased the of players then that may offset the longer queue times caused by decompressing the BR. Yep - and it is a moving feast - eg when an event vehicle comes out then that BR becomes popular fora few weeks - if you play at 1. When the Tiger 1's were reduced to 5. I did already - "the secret" is to keep an eye out for a BR where you appear to be getting a lot of uptiers, and move away from it - it's not much of a secret!

I would never ever play 7. So when you play 5. The soviets dont have a 6. Share More sharing options Followers 1. Report post. Posted May 14, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites More sharing options Valcour The main problem is BR compression. The matchmaker itself seems to do what it is supposed to. Posted May 14, edited. I dont think Matching is bad.. Lets take a BR 6. Team A has 2 players with BR 6. Team B has 12 players with BR 6. What you have here is the recipe for one team to stomp the other team into the dirt. PlanetP The answer is to play at a different BR, and become aware of where the "BR traps" are.

Why don't you share the "secret" Attackers are not bombers And figter bombers are - fighters. Edited May 14, by anyuser. Wummele1 This is often misunderstood. I see their point but the side effect is br compression. If everyone avoids BR traps then the alternatives become BR traps. Posted May 15, Burgermankillz Posted May 16, Posted May 17, Go to topic listing.

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Matchmaking war thunder 1 39

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