Mumbai sex house

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Mujra scaled new heights during this period. After the Britishers left the shores of India, flesh trade business continued in a large spectrum. In India as the Devadasis plunged into prostitution for their livelihood. Kamathpura : It is an old and notably known red light area in Mumbai and located in Mumbai Central. The sex workers here are mostly from Devdasi Pata originated from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Solapur and most of the sex workers are from remote areas of Karnataka, Telengana in Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Maharashtra.

There is a total of lanes in this area and these lanes have brothels where the prostitutes cater to customers. In fact SoBo was once the most popular red light area. Foras Road : This is infamous prostitution area where Mujras are performed. At this place only Mujras are performed by the sex-workers. However the tradition and the system has faded This is a result of the emergence and thriving of Beer Bars, Ladies Bar as people prefer to visit such places. The sex trade here is operated by girls from Nepal.

With the change in trend, this place is also going to fade away because most of the houses of ill-fame here are marked for re-development. But this place is also going to diminish further in the wake of emerging new trend and existing scenario of flesh trade.

Now with the flesh trade business going online and also being carried out in Ladies Bar, Beer Bars, Flats and Hotels whereon not only the girls earn a fat money but the organizations has led to a dearth of prostitutes in these infamous red light areas.

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Mumbai sex house

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