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To say that I was raised by s TV is unfair to my wonderful parents, but I certainly spent as much time with the Keatons, the Huxtables, the Seavers, the th and the Cheers gang as I did around my own kitchen table. It was a golden age for sitcoms and for big, silly action-adventures where the good guys always won—plenty to distract us from the last vestiges of the Cold War and a pair of nuclear arsenals that could do a decent imitation of the Death Star.

Big hair, loud colors and very special episodes ruled the day, as TV dared to talk about issues that had always been taboo. We were judging each series on its content between Jan. Let us know your favorite shows of the s in the comments section below besides, of course, Too Many Cooks. Expanded into a full series, however, the show was more like a sci-fi soap opera with lizard people: The Post Dispatch in St. Fun trivia bit: It also starred Robert Englund, better known as Freddy Krueger, the same year he appeared in the first A Nightmare on Elm Street and became a horror icon.

It was a turn that was ripe for satire, which is just what creator Alan Spencer did with this short-lived series. Like the Dirty Harry series, the titular character played by the great David Rasche was a San Francisco cop who bucked protocol at every turn, loved resorting to violence, and reveled in his conservative worldview. We can only imagine that Tiger Beat subscriptions took a hit that day.

Original Run: Creators: Glen A. Created and often written by Glen A. Larson whose credits include Battlestar Galactica , Quincy, M. Set on the beach that housed both a hospital and a rest and recreation center, Dana Delaney headlined as nurse Colleen Murphy. Colleen often served as the audience point-of-view into the war and how it affected not only the soldiers but those who supported them. The innovative series did not shy away from the horrors of combat and often featured real-life veterans. Critically acclaimed but low rated, China Beach lasted for only four seasons but like many shows its legacy has grown since its untimely cancellation.

Original Run: Creator: Stephen J. Wanting to explore both the mechanics of undercover work as well as the emotional toil it takes on a person, the writers choose to construct the show in a way that seemed more akin to British serials than episodic American television. Each season would be divided into several distinctive arcs that would play out over multiple installments. While the show received ificant critical attention, low ratings and the departure of its lead in the fourth season eventually led to its demise.

Often overlooked in the discussion of great TV dramas, Wiseguy nevertheless remains an integral bastion in the development of American televised storytelling. At its best, it was a slapstick hit, spinning silly misunderstandings into sitcom gold. Most episodes play out as a cross between Perfect Strangers and Growing Pains , as ALF learns about various human customs and the family attempts to shield him from the public and the government officials hunting for him.

It all builds to one of the most insane TV finales of all time, as Gordon is captured by the government and brought to a lab, with the implication that he will be dissected alive in the name of science. It was meant to be a cliffhanger ending, but because a fifth season of ALF was never produced, one of the weirdest sitcoms of the decade ended in one of the weirdest ways. Certainly after his death in , the fingerprints of Serling and his genre-friendly morality plays could be found in the work of a new generation of writers and filmmakers.

Despite the commercial disappointment of the Twilight Zone movie, CBS decided to resurrect the series in They move into a Greenwich Village brownstone together, Kate as the breadwinner and Allie taking care of the home. The show was a ratings hit and eventually overcame initial lukewarm critical reaction to win an Emmy and a Golden Globe. It was the first on-screen depiction of the characters after the original Mirage Studios comic, and much was changed in regards to the series tone and characterization.

Much of this same characterization would be kept intact for the first live action movie, and these general depictions have remained in place ever since, which makes the original animated series perhaps the definitive version of the characters as far as influence is concerned. Set in Chicago, the show followed detective Mike Torello the late great Dennis Farina as he attempts to take down mobster up-and-coming mobster Ray Luca Anthony Denison.

Along with Wiseguy , Crime Story helped eschew the traditional episodic structure of most cop shows in favor of central storylines that would develop over multiple episodes. Original Run: Creator: James L. Her co-stars Julie Kavner and Dan Castellaneta voiced Marge and Homer on the show for three years before making that their full-time gig, but Ullman was the undeniable star here.

She played more than different characters over four years, singing and dancing to the demanding choreography of Paula Abdul. Original Run: Creator: Stuart S. Night Flight was something of a four-hour variety show, aired on Friday and Saturday evenings, that would play a little taste of everything going on in the underground and cult music, art, and film worlds.

You could stumble upon a screening of the animated sci-fi classic Fantastic Planet, performances by stand-up comics, concert films, Cold War-era newsreels, or episodes of SnubTV, a British TV series covering the indie music scene. It was an invaluable resource for left-of-center thinkers and impressionable teens around the U. Hasenpfeffer Incoporated! The low-rent, blue-collar, brewery-working buddies began their TV lives as friends of the Fonz. Michael McKean and David Lander arrived fully formed as their upstairs neighbors Lenny and Squiggy, characters they created for comedy routines during college.

This, though, was the television equivalent of cotton candy: airy, saccharine, and totally insubstantial. It was a show completely focused on its characters rather than its plots or themes, which were all completely archetypal.

But when ACL launched in , it was just a scruffy, down-to-earth broadcast showcasing mainly roots musicians from the Austin area without a lot of showbiz frills. King, Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt and Tom Waits all came to play intimate sets at their own pace, which often resulted in unforgettable episodes offering portraits of legendary performers in their primes. Rooting in reality has helped keep the show feeling fresh 30 years later. Johnny Fever, and the stylish and smooth Venus Flytrap and the bean counters station manager Arthur Carlson and slick ad man Herb Tarlek keeping the transmitter on.

Throughout the decade, the character played by actor Matt Frewer, stuck in a foam and Plexiglas costume seemed to get reinvented every couple of years from TV movies in the UK to pimping New Coke here in the States. When an investigative reporter Frewer uncovers a scandal and is injured trying to escape with the information, a hacker uplo his mind into a computer and Max Headroom is born. The online figure helps his fellow reporters dig into the nasty work their employer Network 23 is up to. Starring Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas as a pair of Miami-based detectives, the show made police work look cooler and sexier than ever before.

Not to mention, the pilot episode, directed by executive producer Michael Mann, remains one of the most compelling, and visually stunning hours in the history of the medium. The PBS show began in and quickly grew in popularity with elementary-aged children, as well as their parents and teachers. Each episode of the show followed a basic format: Burton would give a quirky introduction to a book, which would then be read and further explored through a series of stories and videos. The final segment offered a few library book recommendations from kids just like you!

Like The Muppets , the world of Fraggle Rock was filled with original music. It was also filled with hard-working Doziers and a trio of gruff Gorgs, who collectively provided the radishes and radish-made buildings that allowed the Fraggles their carefree existence.

Jim Fowler would venture into the field while Marlin Perkins would remain stateside, teaching us about the animals. It was better than a trip to the zoo. You never really knew what you were going to get each week except that Your Captain Stubing and his crew would make sure that everything worked out in the end. Original Run: Creator: Michael G. It was crass, controversial and often very funny. Although the series inevitably begin to show major cracks after 11 years, the comedy stylings of its cast were always good for at least a chuckle.

It was a show with a certain charm, even if it avoided sentimentality like the plague. Once deemed too educational for Saturday mornings by NBC, Cosby took his series to CBS, where it flourished thanks to one of the most memorable cartoon characters of all time. Fat Albert was the heavyset angel on our shoulders, finding the right course in every sticky scenario. Oh, and that Swiss Army knife—got to have a Swiss Army knife.

Ewing was shot twice outside his office by a mysterious assailant. It was a phenomenon that reached all the way to the Queen of England. Not bad for a melodrama about a Texas oil tycoon. A pitch-perfect parody, the show captured the gravitas of the police procedural and injected it with sight gags, bad puns, and slapstick action. If nothing else, it helped bring the character of Lieutenant Frank Drebin into the world, the dim but well-meaning cop given a second life via the Naked Gun films. A Republican in real life, her character was a champion of the left, a counter to her sister, played by Delta Bourke.

And the broad comedy, along with the program that aired right after on CBS, Murphy Brown , used its humor to address topical issues from AIDS and homophobia to racism and domestic violence. His talent was so apparent that ABC gave him his own show. His comedy was already alien, and the mile-a-minute slapstick of that first season felt completely original. Featuring a hilarious supporting cast, Yes Minister reiterates the idea that—even in the halls of power—people can still be as petty and immature as those working in more traditional office environments.

It was a concept ripe for parody, which for four seasons, Garry Shandling did with his titular show. Everything about it was self-aware: the characters acknowledged and interacted with the studio audience, guest stars were apropos of nothing, and no one let you forget the plasticity of the TV making experience. Like never before, viewers felt like they were in on the joke and it only made the actual jokes on the show that much funnier.

But Rosco P. Coltrane was in the pocket of corrupt county commissioner Boss Hogg. Original Run: Creator: Peter S. Consider: The woman is not a professional detective. Rather, they just constantly happen around her. Every single day, crimes occur in her vicinity. So in a way, the series is really about a woman who radiates a field of death and destruction that ruins the lives of everyone she crosses paths with. Oh, and also Angela Lansbury is extremely entertaining in the role.

Dorothy Bea Arthur is the put-upon voice of reason. Her snarky mother Sophia Estelle Getty is always ready with a pithy one-liner. Blanche Rue McClanahan reminisces constantly about nights of passionate romance. And all of this goes right over the head of doe-eyed, naive Rose Betty White. Through it all, the show has a lot of heart and you can tell that these four women care deeply for each other. Joe for slightly older audiences. Honestly, if Mr. Baracus, what would he have done with his life? Doctor Who was certainly no exception. Sadly, the decade would end with the long-running show being put on an indefinite hiatus.

Much like the eccentric Time Lord himself, however, the series would find itself regenerating in due time…— Mark Rozeman. The show dealt with the issues of its day, along with the ethical questions and struggles faced by journalists and those whom they were writing about. Not bad for a spinoff a sitcom. Del Boy Trotter has the ambition to make it selling goods on the black market, but not the wisdom to match it. After the death of his mother, he raised his much younger brother Rodney, an easily manipulated sidekick. Original Run: Creator: Donald P.

Scott Bakula plays Dr.

New tv show about the 80s

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