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In Hawaii full public nudity is technically illegal, however there are several beaches where that technicality is overlooked by patrons of the beaches and enforcement. There have been enforcement efforts in the past, and it has been ruled that exposing breasts is not considered nudity.

However, there is a ificant portion of the local population who are offended by nudity, including bare breasts, so if you plan on popping the top it would be best to do it where it is expected. Little Beach — No inhibitions here! By far the most well known and populated clothing optional beach — in Makena South Maui. Little Beach . In Hana. Red Sand Beach . Paia Secret Beach . Others — There are a few other secluded beaches and coves scattered about, and some, like Baldwin Beach Cove where topless sunbathing is common, but full nudity is not.

You may also discover nude bathers in the jungle if you hike to more remote pools and waterfalls. The upper pools at Twin Falls also periodically has folks swimming in their birthday suits; the owners of the land are said not to take issue with this. Visiting this September, where are the best nude beaches to visit. Wife and I are looking for a well accepted area, without camera goofs etc. We are planning to go to Hawaii for our first time. We would like to go to nude beaches. We are trying to figure out what hotels are near or close by. Any advice on the locations? We were just in Maui.

Little Beach is not only closed, but there is an iron fence blocking access, so forget about it. There were very few people there, but I enjoyed it and no one bothered me while I was naked. The water is a bit rough, but so is the surf at Little Beach. The only downside to me was that there were so few people there at the beach. My wife and I have visited most of the semi-official nude beaches in Maui, Kauai and the Big Island, along with several that were not so deated but were private enough to not be seen.

Little Beach was our first, but least enjoyable for us because it was almost exclusively guys who were nude me because of visual preference, her for company. Worse is the crowds of fully people in chairs under umbrellas just sitting there. Pretty blatant. On the side closest to the entrance trail, we were quite separated from everyone and as far as I could tell, nobody was paying the slightest attention. Quite a few kids too. We liked Paia Secret Beach much more as it and the adjacent south end of Baldwin were almost empty.

There are no laws prohibiting nudity on Hawaiian beaches unless they are state parks. It is only illegal at state park beaches. Per the cult of sunbathing, nudity in Hawaii is legal at any place other than state and federal grounds. However being lewd is illegal. I recently June was on Maui for 10 days.

On 3 occasions I witnessed nude female sunbathers on beaches or green space with public access and in one case near a walk way. Seemed to be no issues. The cliff face overlooking Oneloa Bay has many private spots. Best option for west side visitors as all these other spots are over an hour away. Thanks for the tip. It does not, however look like it is used by nude people very often. You might get away with it, but that does not necessarily mean it is accepted. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:.

Paia Secret Beach Others — There are a few other secluded beaches and coves scattered about, and some, like Baldwin Beach Cove where topless sunbathing is common, but full nudity is not. Mike says: August 29, Anthony says: January 30, Dennis says: May 8, Cliff says: August 9, Matt says: September 22, Sam says: December 5, Kamaaina says: May 22, Mark says: May 9, Lars Mead Johnson says: October 21, No name says: October 7, Steve says: June 23, Sara-Claire says: March 15, Richard says: March 4, Ocean Safety.

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Nude wife at beach

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