Objective c interactive tutorial

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You can turn it off by clicking here: Disable. Full resolution gif here. The method tutorialShouldCoverStatusBar if implemented and returns YES or true , makes the manager ignore tutorialMasterView and create its own window that will be displayed over the status bar. The method tutorialWrapUp should do the code that takes care of ending the tutorial, like setting the tutorialManager to nil and re-enabling UserInteraction. The method tutorialMaxIndex should return how many steps the tutorial have. The default value is 0. The repository comes with a sample Objective-C project that gives you an example of how to implement different capabilities of the manager.

Feel free to use 'TNTutorialManager' in any way you like. An attribution is not required, but is highly appreciated. Toggle . About Guides Blog. TNTutorialManager 1. Alternatively to give it a test run, run the command: pod try TNTutorialManager. If there are no views highlighted in a certain tutorial step, this will be ignored, and the user will be able to tap anywhere. Implement those methods in case you wish to Localize your application or use different titles. The default value is the class name of the delegate. Implement only in case the same UIViewController class will be used multiple times in your UI and need a different identifier for each time it is used.

Objective c interactive tutorial

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