Only black women with big butts need

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Angela Bassett Shows off her Assets. Contrary to what white women think, black women have always liked their big butts. It has always been a symbol of pride, beauty and blackness. And our men have always embraced and appreciated our butts. We have always known their attractiveness. The only time my butt was criticized was by my ballet teacher who told all of the black girls that we had curvature of the spine because we could not press the small of our backs to the floor. We knew it, they knew it. His wife hated her for what her husband found attractive about her. This consistent love hate relationship with the black race primarily with whites is demonstrated throughout history.

This is not new. It just another development of what Whites always done. They have criticized our butts, our hair, our lips, and our complexions. They of course tan to get color, they tease their hair to get body, and they have sought botox to capture our lips. As of the last 20 years they have become fascinated with the butt as a result of hip hop and the young , gifted and black hip hop moguls who apparently intrigue their interests. I mean white boys have always wanted to be cool so why not mimic the brothers? And brothers have always been hips, thighs, butt men.

White men were always breasts men. Anyway today the butt is celebrated. Serena Williams beauty mark Naomi Campbell perfection Beyonce tight. Sales have escalated to 47 percent in the last six months from the same period a year earlier. Though the company declined to give sales figures, they have sold out of certain styles and colors this year, including its Pink Cotton Candy Boy Shorts. So, the Boston-based company plans to begin selling p that are 25 percent larger this month.

This year has the best year for Feel Foxy, another maker of padded panties. They have been in business for almost a decade, and sales are up 40 percent from a year ago, but the company declined to give sales figures. A flat butt can ruin an outfit, says the New York stay-at-home mother of two. I just want to make two things clear, one, black women have never been ashamed of their butts. Second, once more the white folks want to claim what is natural to us as theirs. I suppose that imitation is a form of flattery but at what cost?

This sort of imitation is an integral thread of racism deeply imbedded in the system and is so inconspicuous that it is not recognized as such. So now that mainstream celebrities are flaunting their bought or otherwise assets publicly they have inspired white women with to get a butt. Black women find it amusing because at the end of the day we know we got this!

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Only black women with big butts need

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