Openness in a relationship

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The longer I am married, going on 17 years now, the more I am convinced that tying the knot is not meant for the weak at heart or the weak minded. A good marriage takes the kind of work that requires each individual to be all in…for life. The quality of your openness with your spouse can make or break your relationship. In fact, the rise or fall of your marriage lies squarely in your ability to grasp real transparency.

In its purest form, communication requires the kind of vulnerability that people fear. When it comes to your spouse, fully letting your hair down, if you will, can seriously make cowards of us all. But it is one of the greatest ways you and your Bae can ensure a lifetime of trust and ultimately love. Even if your relationship seems doomed, there are three ways you can be open with your spouse that has the potential to truly change the course of your marriage. Men and women bring a plethora of life experiences to their union when they decide to get married.

However, you can take preemptive action to prevent a fallout if a negative situation is triggered. Taking the relationship higher will mean taking the conversations deeper. Surface conversations are no longer your friend. Making emotional headway also means you may be ashamed or embarrassed by what you share. This type of transparency is an important catalyst in deepening the trust between you as a couple.

As a result, you will be rewarded with a healthier and stronger bond. We all have insecurities about our bodies. Big forehead. Flat butt. Too short. Too tall. Big nose. Crooked teeth. The list is never-ending. Unfortunately, our insecurities about our self-image can bring unnecessary tension to the relationship if we fail to be open about them.

Instead, be open about the physical shortcomings that bother you the most and tell your spouse why. Whatever it may be, revealing your physical insecurities helps your spouse know one more way to encourage you. As that happens, you will learn to set aside any doubts you have about how they see you and you learn to love yourself even more. Sharing your mind and your way of thinking is an incredible bridge builder in a relationship. By giving your partner the opportunity to know how you think, you can open the door to communication and understanding even wider.

To change the course of your marriage, understanding you intellectually serves many purposes:. The ability to talk to each other intelligently le to a deeper understanding of the heart. No one said that marriage would be easy. But to make it great, openness is a must. No matter where your relationship is today, you can give it a fighting chance by laying your heart, mind, and body on the table and trust your spouse to take care of it all. We have updated it for quality and relevancy.

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Openness in a relationship

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