Passion dating app

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To promote the new Passion, Tinder is partnering with plant-based brand Beyond Meat to offer a special gift to the first members in the United States who match with the Plant-Based Passion card and add it to their profile. Tinder is introducing the Plant-Based Passion after learning that its users are increasingly interested in plant-based diets and environmental causes. The data found that dietary preferences were a major determining factor of perceived compatibility, with one in four respondents ranking a similar diet above sexual chemistry and physical appearance in terms of importance when finding a compatible partner.

Furthermore, nearly half of the 1, respondents polled said a similar diet was more important than holding similar political ideologies. Furthermore, Veggly—a vegan and vegetarian dating app modeled after Tinder that launched in —is experiencing a boom in membership. Last year, the app reported that its of members quadrupled from 3, to 12, in just six months. Currently, Veggly has more than , global users.

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Passion dating app

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