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Instead of watching two people who look nothing like you or your fantasy partner having sex, erotica allows you to choose your own imagery. Have a BDSM kink you want to explore? Got a fetish you think no one else has? Next time you start to head to your go-to porn site, redirect yourself to an online erotica site instead or shop these tangible erotica books here. Ah, Literotica. This site might be the OG place for erotic stories. Bellesa is an erotica site that not only has videos, films and dating advice, but plenty of steamy stories to read as well. From short tales to full-length novels, your next nighttime read is waiting.

Consider this your go-to site for sensual re outside of the hetero-normative range. They offer over 40 different sub-sections of erotica, so go ahead and settle in for a long night of reading—among other things. Lush Stories is a steamy combination of social media and erotica sites. Who knows? You might just find your next book club. CHYOA is exactly what you might suspect based on the name: a choose your own adventure erotica site.

No matter what sort of things you might be into, Kinkly is full of erotic stories ready for you to enjoy. Go ahead and indulge in your wildest desire through these kinky tales. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. What's hot. Tags: erotica sex. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram. Facebook Pinterest Twitter.

Read erotic stories online

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11 Steamy and Free Erotic Literature Sites