Rehab bartender lyrics

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Dude representing for Warner robins hell yeah I'm from cordele right down the road holdin it down for everyone hanging on to a bar on the inside. In my Army friends introduced me to Rehab. Your songs were war music for everyone. Thank you my trailer park peeps for featuring Danny Trevino! I learned the lyrics to this song when i was doin a bid 10yrs ago What pisses me off is that they didnt put this as a ending song on trailer park boys.

Some dude cranking this last night at am while I was at work brought me here. He was getting ready to change the track and turn it down and I said don't you touch that and thank you for lifting me up on a really bad night. So glad that tiktok of all things reminded my of this song.

God i feel such a nostalgic pain from this one. I was a kid when it dropped. Ive listened to this song every new years Eve while getting blitzed since I was This is one of my favorite songs and I know every lyric to this song lol.

My dad and I listened to this a long time ago then he and my mom got a divorce I got to see him again in but he killed himself now I'm listening to it for memories. Danny Trejo as a bartender. Much respect Danny Trejo. I'm tired of this life away from my dirt road. I couldn't earn enough money in a hundred lifetimes to replace living with my mom in her trailer.

Home sweet home was the trailer park. The ringtone bit anyways. This is the first time I've heard the censored version It doesn't feel right lol. The door was locked so I kicked it in. Pecos Production. Sarah Buffkin. Weston Rogers. Barton Bella. Bob P. Daniel Recio. B-dette Asitmay. Makayla Watkins. Atlas Prime Christian Carroll.

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Rehab bartender lyrics

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Rehab Bartender Lyrics