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Embed Size px x x x x We offer a message of condolence to the family of Profes- sor Kofi Awoonor. Though he led a selfless life, offering peace, gentleness and kindness to all, the purveyors of brutality, intolerance and barbarism thought that they had had the better of him.

Though he is no longer physically with us, his work remains. We wish him a safe journey and may he find rest in the bosom of his ancestors. We are certain that those you have left behind will continue to write, paint and play music for the enjoyment of all. We offer a message of condolence to the family of Profes-sor Kofi Awoonor. We invite you to explore the world of the exceptional and talented artist, Kwame Osa. You are sure to be enchanted by his creativity and we will bring you more of his work in future editions of the magazine. In the sporting arena, at the polo club in Accra, in a polo match organised to mark Nigerias Inde-pendence day, Team Ghana were beaten by an invited Nigerian team.

We say a big Ayekoo to the organizers of this event, Mia, Tamzin, Maya, Rosalia, Lisa and Catharina, who played a vital part in organising this wonderful celebration. In other news, that you might already have heard the Black Stars of Ghana walloped their Egyptian counterparts to edge closer to participating in the next World. Ayekoo to the Black Stars and Brazil here we come. Their works inquire into the various dimensions of existence, the duality.

Enter with an open eye, for its the only way to merge yourself into that space where crystallized moments of life are on display. It is a rare exhibition in which the discourse among the artists, the poetry in our being that inspires them, and the audience melts into a seamless whole, distilled and reborn. The emotions expressed through the art works appear in bodily forms as dancers glide past the crowd. The light and sound transcend sensory perceptions; staccato becomes visual; shades and texture become auditory.

Every visitor to the exhibition has a unique trajectory, but the forces driving them never collide; that space can accommodate the entire universe. Nada Moukarzel, a de curator, opened La Maison as a visual recipe book for the successful combination of traditional, fashion-forward, classiz and eclectic styles. The result is displayed in a series of mini settings that offer eye candy and ideas for lifestyle enhancement and home improvement. Photographs on the wall; Bani no. Defending their title at the Accra Polo Club, Ghana were not lucky and the Nigerian team got their revenge.

This sweet revenge by the Nigerians marks another point in the rivalry between the two sporting giants of West Africa. Team Ghana though gracious in defeat were last seen plotting their comeback. A host of young Colombians along with Ghanaian cultural groups provided an extravaganza of music and dance. They played currulao music, African influenced music played on marimba and drums. Cultural groups like this one are organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia to engage the youth and provide a healthy alternative to juvenile deliquency.

To date over 20 cultural and sports exchange programmes have been held with over three hundred children visiting seventeen different countries. Guests representing all sectors of Ghanaian society enjoyed music, dance and a selection of Colombian snacks in the grand setting of Kwame Nkrumahs mausoleum. See Full Reader.

View Download 3. Enjoy Dont forget you can also read the magazine online at: www. Their works inquire into the various dimensions of existence, the duality and oneness of humanity, and the source of beauty. Enjoy Accra Magazine No74 Documents. Accra intro accra - regional consultation Documents. Accra royale newsletter Documents.

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Rockafellas accra menu

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