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Per the dress code, the men are wearing tuxedos, and the women, who out the men by 6 to 1, are wearing La Perla bras, garter belts, and high heels. Everyone is fit and attractive, and everyone is wearing a mask. So I got in touch with Snctm's founder, Damon Lawner, A former party promoter and real estate agent, Lawner says he was inspired to launch Snctm after watching the aforementioned Kubrick film. When his marriage failed, he turned his attention to Snctm, which has since been profiled by Goop , the website founded by Gwyneth Paltrow who is also rumored to be a Snctm member.

This lofty goal comes at a steep price. Women get in free via an application process that involves an online application, and a Skype or in-person interview. Perhaps unsurprisingly, male members are not held to these standards. Welcome to Hollywood. I ask Lawner for an invite. I get it. What guy doesn't want to go to a sex party? When we arrive at midnight, my date and I are greeted at the front door by two topless girls in black ballet tutus and Zorro masks. The living room is packed. The women, who are all clad in lingerie, are young and incredibly attractive. A guy in a black cape and black carnival mask starts having sex with a woman in a white Venetian mask while party guests look on, nonchalantly sipping champagne.

Meanwhile, topless women in tutus do pirouettes around the living room. My date and I just watch and take in all the eye candy. A man on the couch pulls down the zipper of his tuxedo pants and receives oral sex from a woman who looks to be at least 25 years younger than him, while two women take turns going down on each other in front of the fireplace. My date turns to me.

My date and I head upstairs, where there are two bedrooms filled with a bunch of masked people piling on top of white canopy beds. In the first room, a group of people are watching a woman hanging from the side of the bed, receiving oral sex from two other women. People are so friendly in this city. I give him a thumbs-up.

By this time, the party is a full-fledged orgy. In the middle of the futons, we watch some spontaneous wife-swapping go down between two attractive couples in Mardi Gras masks, ball gowns, and tuxedos. The room looks like a cross between an Oscar after-party and an amateur porn set. My date is elated. But the erotic entertainment is quite the fun spectacle. If there's one thing I learn from the event, it's that Snctm members clearly know how to party.

So if you have a few thousand to spare to participate in the eroticism of the human race, Scntm now holds events in New York, Cannes, and Moscow. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Men's Health Tech Awards. Screengrab via Snctm. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses.

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Sex parties la

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