Signs hes really into you

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He wants to hear your voice or read your words. He wants to be in contact with you, because being close with you feels good to him. Guys want to date women they feel good around. It means that being with you and engaging with you puts him in a good mood. It makes him feel good. It makes him want to be around you more. Or if she fights to tear him down rather than solve the issue. The biggest hint that a relationship can go the distance is authenticity.

Can you be yourself around him? Can he be himself around you? More importantly: do you both like it? The same goes vice versa. Want to find out if the man you want really likes you? Does He Like You? Take the Quiz. Tagged as: attracting men , dating advice , how to tell if a guy is into you , is he into me , know if a guy likes you , know if he's into you , s he likes you , s he's into you , things a guy does when he's into you , understanding men. He has also hugged me and touched my face. BUT there are also mixed als sometimes. What do you think about his intentions?

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Signs hes really into you

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13 Unmistakable s He’s Into You