Songs about getting hurt

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Pain comes in many forms and songs about being hurt come from many genres. For this list we want you to vote for the best songs about pain, depending on how much you like each track. Some of the best songs about pain reference physical pain and other great pain songs allude to the hurt of a broken heart. Other good pain songs that you will find on this list are about causing pain to those who wronged you.

This song's lyrics allude to self-harm and suicide. Johnny Cash brought a new take to this classic pain song when he covered it in What's pleasure without a little pain? Do you have a top pain song? Vote it to the No. Love the Way You Lie. Tears in Heaven. Love Hurts. Feel No Pain. The Needle and the Damage Done. Cry Baby. Pain in My Heart. Hurts So Good. Boys Don't Cry. I Feel Your Pain. King of Pain. The River. You See Me Crying. Pleasure and Pain. Keep Me in Your Heart. House of Pain. Haven't Got Time for the Pain. Take Your Pain Away. World of Pain. Used to the Pain.

Needle in the Hay. Take the Pain Away. Pain and Suffering. Feel the Pain. Hurt Feelings. Beautiful Pain. Life of Pain. Maintain the Pain. Hurts Like Heaven. Pain Train. Precious Pain. Kill the Pain. Fuck the Pain Away. Sweet Pain. Queen of Pain. The House That Pain Built. Youth Knows No Pain. Sketches of Pain. Taste the Pain. Love This Pain. Valley of Pain. Memory Pain. No Brain, No Pain. Archives of Pain. Streets of Pain. Pain Lies on the Riverside. Ordinary Pain. Love and Pain. Pain in the Neck. Kiss Away the Pain. In Pain. Harvester of Pain. Pain and Pleasure. No Pain No Gain.

Perversions of Pain. Here Comes the Pain. No More Pain. Beauty Knows No Pain. Pain Redefined. The Speed of Pain. Pain Overload. Make It Hurt. Bring the Pain. Good Pain. Bridge of Pain. Through the Pain. No Potion for the Pain. My Blessed Pain. Looking out My Window Through the Pain. Growing Pain. Altar Of Pain. Pain in the World. Pleasure Of Pain. Rock 'n' Roll Pain Train. I Live for Your Pain. Endless Pain. Black Girl Pain. A Pain In The Gas. The Private Pain of Techno Destructo. Game's Pain.

Feel My Pain. Some Pain Will Last. Songs Music.

Songs about getting hurt

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The Best Songs About Pain