Songs about loving the world

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Love is a word with a profoundly deep meaning. In our everyday life, we use the word love in many different ways. It can indicate a feeling or it can be an action we take. It can be an attraction to someone or something or it can be used to describe a sense of brotherhood to those you are close to. But there is one type of love that transcends all of these: universal love for humanity. It is the love of God for humanity, the love of humans for our Creator, and the love that should permeate our souls for the rest of the human race and creation.

It is powerful indeed! To help you tap into the power of universal love, enjoy this heart inspiring playlist, 10 Songs About Love for Humanity. The song is an ode to the power of universal love to transform individuals, communities, and the world into a better place! Despite the challenges we face, Dee-1 reminds us that our Creator will always help us through it.

Reminding us of the oneness of humanity, Nimo calls on us to look past our differences and to keep loving. Christian hip hop artist and clique member Tedashii teams up with Christian pop artist Sarah Reeves in a beautiful song that gives us another perspective on the power of universal love. Highlighting the beautiful scenery of Amitabha Stupa amidst the red mountains of Sedona, the music video also shows that universal love extends beyond humanity to all of creation.

This important question helps us to see that if we truly want to heal the world, we must more deeply tap into the power of love. Are you ready to go show some love to humanity? I hope this playlist help you feel a little more love in your heart! Notify me of follow-up comments by . Notify me of new posts by . Colby Jeffers. About Music Podcast Blog Contact.

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Songs about loving the world

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