Synthetic fabrics crossword clue

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This fibre was discovered in Switzerland in the early 's Rayon This fibre is lightweight, strong, durable and resistant to damage Nylon This fabric is made from petroleum. Add, edit, delete clues, and customize this puzzle. Print copies for an entire class. To renew or reuse resources. Sustainability Very soft on the skin, this fibre can be seen in clothing, as well as remover items for makeup. Fertilisers A tool used in textiles, which is known to be small, and tricky to handle.

China Made from the cellulose fibres that grow inside the stalks of a flax plant. Linen An act humans do, which creates warm and soft socks, scarfs and even jumpers! FELT Which yarn goes up and down in both 'knitted' and 'woven' fabrics? WOOL This is a natural fibre with antibacterial properties. What's the 3rd main one? Cuticle surrounds the shaft near the root and contains the richest source of DNA Follicular Tag main body of the hair shaft cortex cellular column running through the center of the hair medulla first stage of hair growth anagen the resting phase of hair growth telogen transition phase of hair growth catagen oval cross-section shape caucasian round cross-section shape mongoloid flat cross-section shape negroid fiber derived from animal or plant sources natural fiber derived from either natural or synthetic polymers manufactured first manufactured fiber rayon fiber solely made from chemicals synthetic most prevalent plant fiber cotton how the fiber refracts in light birefringence what can you not tell by looking at the hair age fiber that is treated and dissolved to make a fiber regenerated manufactured fiber in nylon naturally falling out hair has a what shaped root bulbous.

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Synthetic fabrics crossword clue

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