Text flirt examples

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Wondering how to flirt over text? As they say, flattery will get you everywhere. Think about the things you genuinely like most about your crush, and use one of them as a jumping -off point for getting in touch. Inside jokes breed a feeling of familiarity and intimacy, and humor makes the recipient feel good — which, again, makes them associate you with a positive experience. Lastly, keep in mind that while texting can be a super effective means for building interest, the best way to flirt is face to face.

So, use your texts as a tool to get that next date in the books, and show off those flirting skills in person! Next. Keep it short and sweet. As a general rule, the simpler the message, the better. A short text is not only smoother, but it also encourages some back and forth banter — the way you naturally talk in real life.

Examples: Missing that face RN. Send me a photo of it? So, I had a crazy dream about you last night… What are you doing this weekend? Besides hanging with me, of course. Fun fact: this song just reminded me of you. Stay positive. Keep it upbeat, because then the object of affection will start to associate you with positive vibes. Examples: Just got some amazing news and guess what? You were the first person I wanted to tell. When do I get to hear more? Be complimentary. Examples: Watching a movie and the main character looks a lot like you… except, obviously, not nearly as cute.

Ask a playful question. Guess which emoji I put next to your name in my phone? Is it just me, or did we kind of knock the whole first date thing out of the park? How am I supposed to be productive at work when my mind keeps wandering to our date the other night?

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Text flirt examples

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How to Flirt Over Text: Cute & Clever Examples