Vegas vixen photography

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Indulge in the celebrity treatment you deserve. Stacie is a professional female photographer in Las Vegas who specializes in intimate portraits for women that are modern with magazine-style flair, through her specialties of boudoir and beauty photography. We are excited to share in this experience with you!

H "Stacie made me fall in love. D "You changed my life Stacie I have taken on things I never even thought I could do, all because you saw in me something I never saw You help women SEE themselves for the first time! D "I'm seriously sitting here looking at my photos in the gallery for the first time typing this with tears running down my face.

I can NOT believe that's me! I'm so stunned, but in the best way possible. Thank you so much. A boudoir or beauty photography session is truly an absolute must do for any woman. These fabulous photography sessions are carried out in a sensitive, relaxed, yet fun manner, unleashing your inner supermodel. Whether you are photographed fully clothed, in sexy lingerie, implied nude or you are baring it all, Haute Shots photography creates beautiful, evocative images that reveal both your outer and inner beauty while increasing your self confidence.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, desirable and to have fun, while making tangible memories for her lifetime and beyond. Some women want to give a fun and sexy present to their ificant other, either for a birthday or an anniversary. While others use boudoir gifts to help add a special spark to their relationship. And some women choose to do a boudoir session as a gift for themselves or to celebrate a milestone! Some are even making it an annual birthday celebration. Regardless of the reason you get them, these photos and the photo session experience will most definitely be treasured for a lifetime.

Present yourself to the World as your most beautiful self, with a Beauty session with Stacie. Beauty sessions are the modernized version of the Glamour Shoots of yesteryear. Boudoir photography, often gifted to a ificant other, is an exploration of sensuality and vulnerability in front of the lens that most have never experienced before.

During this session, we ask you to put aside your everyday persona and allow the inner vixen to come out to play. Our all-female team is there to help you with wardrobe adjustments Kat is our garter guru! Experience boudoir with your love Couples Boudoir. Our couples sessions are the perfect expression of love and passion made visible.

From couples who are dating, to newly engaged or married, to those who have been in it for the log haul, we are here to not only give you an amazing experience to celebrate your relationship, but a way to commemorate it in a tangible manner too. We adore our couples and are thrilled to help tell your personal love stories through portraiture. Personal branding portraits Beauty. Beauty sessions are perfect for online profile photos, portraits for the family photo wall or to give as a gift to mom. These photos showcase you fully clothed!

Consider bringing wardrobe in flattering cuts and delicate textures sheer fabrics, chiffon, cashmere, sparkle, etc. From fitness sessions to commercial work, we often receive requests for projects that are different from our regular offerings but still desire our ature style. Like our boudoir or beauty sessions, special sessions will highlight you, but are completely customized for your particular desires. Indulge in a little fantasy or show off your professional side, we work with you to create a unique and beautiful piece of fine art photography.

Scroll through Passion Parties Photographed these for Passion Parties for a special Valentine's edition of their catalog. He was a model. She was not. This was their first time meeting, How fun is that? The Lonely Ranger A cowgirl, her horse, her gun and mud. This was her 4th session with us so we thought outside of the box on this one!

Boudoir Babe These images were photographed by Stacie for a Las Vegas Weekly article about why women are stripping down for her camera with a boudoir session of their own. These feature a professional model And, the beauty team was supplied by the magazine as well. Fun day! Erotic We pushed some erotic boundaries in this sexy couples session with one of our returning boudoir clients her 5th session with us! Voyeur A more voyeuristic look at boudoir. We appreciate it when our clients would like their photos to remain private but allow us to share these anonymous style photos.

Cleopatra We imagined what a boudoir shoot may have looked like with Cleopatra, and We try to time our outdoor sessions around dusk, and are best shot in Spring or Fall due to extreme summer and winter temperatures here in Vegas. Our Blog The Latest See our most recent photography sessions, news and updates.

Scroll down for more. Unleash your inner supermodel. Haute Shots Boudoir Photos Make a Very Sexy Gift Some women want to give a fun and sexy present to their ificant other, either for a birthday or an anniversary. Meet your new best friends. Stacie Frazier Owner - Photographer. Rachel Bates Hair Stylist. A small sampling of our work for your viewing pleasure. An intimate portraiture experience. View Gallery. Experience boudoir with your love. Personal branding portraits. Our Blog. See our most recent photography sessions, news and updates.

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Vegas vixen photography

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