Wanted role play partner

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Hey fam, just a quick reminder to please include contact info with your submissions. This is a vital step, particularly if you are submitting anon as there is literally no way to correct this. Also, I do not accept ad submissions via dm. Hello everyone! Just hunting for some new long term clean stories with plenty of muse and excitement! I do oc x canon pairings with me as the oc and the female. I do fandom roleplays only with plenty of story and plot in third person and past tense only.

Please use good and proper grammar text slang in roleplays and some times, out of really frustrates me. This is for romantic oc x canon pairings. The After we fell series! I have only just finished book one! But I would love to find someone willing to play Hardin for me! Over discord, paragraph style, and oc x canon while doubling.

I make Spotify Playlists. Even better if you yourself are like this. Due to health reasons, I am not currently working and I am looking for a few role plays to fill my time. I am active most days, and I am looking for someone who can match my enthusiasm for character creation and development.

I also ask that you be above twenty one when you write to me. Originals and Fandoms are welcome, although I am very old school when it comes to the latter. I ask that under age characters be aged up. As for media, I will write via as a preference, or even g-docs. I do not understand the like of discord, it adds pressure to reply. I want to take my time, think things over and come up with a suitable and interesting response.

Which le me to the next obvious question… how much do I write. I will match my partner. I like to write long, detailed s, or a few, short, sharp paragraphs. I will write what the occasion calls for. My genres are the usual selection.

Urban fantasy is a love, as is the old school style. I love me some sci-fi. Give me vampires working in banks, or space travel looking for new world. Dramas are also always fun. The President is secretly in the closet, until his new assistant walks in the door… who happens to be male.

Investigations, cults. I have a male psychic cop who needs a new partner and an assassin angel on the run. Give me Wheel of Time — Lan and Nynaeve, or originals. Give me Stranger Things — Steve and Jonathan. Orginals Hunger Games anyone? Anyway, I cannot wait to hear from you. me, let me know a bit about yourself, and what you are searching for. Angelfeathers gmail. Semi-literate to literate, pretty active. My discord is Starwolf I am fully literate and will provide a snippet of my writing as an example.

FYI that my schedule is super crazy and sometimes I am not online for a chunk of time, so communication and understanding are key! We can do stupid archive adventures oh no, the coffee machine is haunted again, someone call HR or hard angst when it comes to it— preferably a mix of both ;. So, a bit about me… I only roleplay over sorry, anything else hurts my old brain , I am literate despite the odd typo here and there, my replies can be quite long and I would really enjoy it if yours were. Give me all the details!

Give me back story that seems completely irrelevant, I want to know it all. I LOVE character sheets, face claims, creating whole lives for the people that we play, coming up with heartbreak and tense situations for them to have to go through together. I love hidden romances, secret affairs, long term friendships turning in to something more, small town childhood friends getting in touch again, that kind of thing.

I have a few ideas for plots but really enjoy creating them with whoever I meet. I only play MxF, and can play the female or male character. My is froggychairx outlook. Hello ladies, gents and fellow rpers. I require detail too so please be aware of that as well. I will not accept anyone younger than 18 since I myself am in my early twenties. Underaged characters are also a no go as well. I will not double and I do not play multiple characters. Please remember that alien simply means a creature not from earth.

Aliens can have fur, scales, feathers, etc, depending on where they come from. This is fiction, not reality. Please also do not control my characters or dictate their actions. I also do not care if you make a character up on the spot. If you require realism or dislike fur on anything, even if it was simply to be a fur covered human, then I am not the rper for you. I will not accept a character that has no place in a sci-fi rp either like a dragon,harpy,demon, elf or some other fantasy creature.

Malgor was once a planet ruled by a great king who was loved and cherished by all his subjects. Sadly, like all legends, the great king passed on but not without leaving behind his legacy. Slowly, the rules started to change. The royals stopped going out into public unless they were followed by at least twenty guards, taxes were climbing ever higher and the castle was no longer a refuge for those in need.

People wished that a true relative of the old king would return, that the rightful ruler would take the throne and change things back to the way it was. Nobody knew that that someone was living among them, doing his best to keep himself as far away from the path of kingship as possible.

Alas, fate had different plans…and those plans were about to take effect. You will play as the character who tags along on what they believe to be a journey of finding the lost heir. The right to sit on a throne and command an army was something only blood could give. The right to a kingdom was something only a royal was supposed to have. Malgor was now under the control of an alien who was deemed to be nothing but ruthless. When someone dares protest against his rights to rule, chaos ensues. Important point of notice: I would prefer to play the role of the character who challenges the new king, or queen, over their new leadership role but I do not mind you playing that role whilst I play the king.

The character could be a knight, a commoner, a member of the old queens family or someone else entirely. The royal families had been battling each other over a dispute so old that many who fought alongside them had forgotten why the war had started in the first place. Neither family wanted to come up with a solution to stop the near endless fighting nor did it seem that there was any way to stop it. Rules, ones that had been changed over the years to suit the liking of the current reigning king or queen, had been put into place to protect the future rulers of each kingdom.

Some were easily broken and gotten away with, others were much harder to avoid the consequences for. One rule that neither the heir to malgor nor Xencondria followed was that they were not allowed outside the borders of their kingdom for fear that the worst would happen and that one side would have the advantage. The choices one makes can lead them to either continuing following the path that people want them to, or make them stray from it. Some people seek to control their own destiny from the start whilst others let it be chosen for them. Very rarely does someone get the chance to pretend that all the things they did never happened nor that they mattered.

Very rarely does someone get the chance to start over from scratch when all they worked hard for has crumbled to ruins. Very rarely do criminals get the chance to escape their past. When a hardened spacer, notorious for his crimes, ends up losing his rank and is stranded on a planet far away from where he is a wanted man, gets this chance to start again and let go of his past. Will he take it? Or will he continue doing the only thing he knows? Important point of notice: I will be the spacer, you will be someone who unknowingly helps him find his feet and a new purpose in his life.

Nobody is perfect. People broke.

Wanted role play partner

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