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There is no doubt that ladyboys have captured the attention of the world and nowhere are they more famous, or more beautiful, than in Thailand. We are here to tell you all about them and how they fit into Thai culture. Ladyboys would be known as transgender in the west and are often referred to as katoey in Thailand, even though most ladyboys do not use or even embrace the term.

In America, identical people would be called trans and specifically male to female trans or trans-women. It should be known that although katoeys are very often associated with Thailand, there is at least the same of female to male trans or trans-men here, often called toms. A minority of ladyboys believe themselves to be effeminate gay men, especially earlier in life, while most others think of themselves as women.

If asked, most katoeys will say that they are indeed women or at least a different kind of woman. Likewise, a few toms think of themselves as boyish girls, while most identify as men. Being katoey or tom does not define sexual identity. There are katoeys who prefer to be with other kateoys in terms of sexual attraction, while some will prefer naturally-born men or naturally-born women. Toms are often mistakenly seen as universally lesbian, but many actually do like men and might identify as gay men much more accurately than as women who prefer men.

Ladyboys are most commonly found in Bangkok and in other areas where foreign tourism is rampant, such as Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai. This le many tourists to believe that they exist in Thailand in very large s.

In reality, their communities are focused where employment opportunities are best and where they are most accepted for their non-traditional path in life. Katoeys often have experience traveling abroad and working in tourism industries, generally providing them with exceptional language skills needed to communicate well with foreigners from around the world.

All of these factors put katoeys in the public eye as far as tourism is concerned. However, if you travel to more conservative of Thailand, you will find fewer katoeys and certainly less flamboyant katoeys, in general. Many katoeys work in specialized shows featuring trans people. Others work in mainstream media are actors and presenters. Of course, some katoeys are infamous for working as prostitutes and a fair of them do work in this capacity for some period during their life.

In some areas like Bangkok and Patttaya, katoeys have a very bad reputation that has been earned by notable individuals who do not represent the entire population of ladyboys. Sure, some katoeys make money by stealing, deceiving men for sex and generally being a nuisance to society.

If you dig deeper into Thai society, you will find many ladyboys working in normal jobs, just like any other Thai people, living normal lives and just trying to be good people. Not every ladyboy is a showgirl, prostitute, thief, liar or miscreant. In fact, only a few katoeys are responsible for their generally poor perception among Thais and foreigners alike. Can you recognize a ladyboy for sure?

Probably not. You have likely been around katoeys on many occasions if you have traveled to Thailand and only known them to be katoeys on a few occasions. Some Thai ladyboys are incredibly convincing and can pass for naturally-born women better than actual Thai women themselves! The lesson to be learned is that ladyboys, or whatever you choose to call them, are just people. They are no different than you and face the same struggles in life that we all must manage. In fact, they face additional hurdles in their special life path.

Give them respect and treat them well, just like you should treat every person and living thing on the planet. Allow them to be who they are and you might just find them to make great friends and allies here in Thailand. While some might argue that their lifestyle is a sin, others would strongly support that the suffering inherent to their path actually le to greater enlightenment in this life and the possibility of a higher position in the next life.

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What is ladyboy

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What are Ladyboys?