What to tell a girl on phone

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Know when to call You cannot call her randomly any time of the day. Nor can you call her twenty times in a day. What y . We know that you will stick to talking sweet little nothings and that you will flirt on the phone. You will be able to impress her if you talk softly and sweetly on the phone. This may sound a bit unusual, but you can definitely give it a try. If you have a fairly decent voic Shop Read. up with us to unlock all features!

Impress A Girl. Updated on Aug 16, , IST. By Hilonee Furia. You cannot call her randomly any time of the day. What you must do, however, is know when you can call her. If you get the timing of the call right, then the conversation is bound to head in the right direction. Also, show concern for what is happening in her life right now.

Ask after her work and family, and then let her carry the conversation forward in the direction she pleases. Not to forget, talking about your ex is a strict no-no. Show concern for what is happening in her life right now. Let your true feelings for her engulf you and let the love do the talking!

The last thing you want to do is lie to her. If you fumble while talking, cook up stories, or sound unsure of what you are saying she will know something is wrong. If she begins to doubt your intentions, or mistrusts you, everything will do downhill from there on. She will go to sleep if you talk about stuff that does not interest her — like football, F1 or computers.

Make it a point to talk about things that you both like and find interesting. If you have a fairly decent voice then you should sing to her over the phone. String a guitar along if possible. If you want to impress a girl on the phone, then the best tip we can give you is to sound genuine. Keep it simple and keep it sweet. She will be able to hear the sweetness in your voice and she will start to develop feelings for you.

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What to tell a girl on phone

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