Where to kiss a woman to turn her on

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If you want to learn where to kiss a girl to turn her on so she wants to have sex with you, then look no further than this post. As well as mention where do girls like to be kissed and show how to kiss a girl and make her go crazy for you. And if you know what to do and are a decent kisser, you can use them to quickly turn a woman on with your kisses. And you can drive lots of women crazy and turn them on very quickly if you know which places to kiss first.

Unsurprisingly, pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Because each girl is a unique individual with her own likes and dislikes when it comes to physical contact. Some of the best body parts to kiss a girl are her neck and neckline, along with her ears and earlobes.

Because they contain a massive amount of hypersensitive nerve endings. Even the slightest touch can set a woman off right away and make her horny and wet almost instantly. Which means that you can use these delicate spots to quickly get her in the mood. As well as show you exactly how to kiss a girl and turn her on.

Both on her lips and on her body. Make the movement firm and fluid and not jerky or uncomfortable. Then, put your lips to good use and kiss her passionately on the lips. It all has to do with being dominant and controling the flow of the action. All of this makes the kiss much more effective and passionate and puts her further in the mood for sex. After your makeout, go with your lips to her neck and neckline. Then, kiss her all over her neckline gently and ramp up the intensity. Afterwards, do the same to her right ear and earlobe. By starting off super gentle and even using the tip of your tongue a little bit.

That will give her massive goosebumps. Then go for her left side. You can start being much more dominant with your hands… Massaging her back and the back of her head and pulling her even further into you and into another makeout. Eventually, you can start taking off her clothes and kissing some of the body parts I mention in the list above.

I said most because believe it or not, not every single woman enjoys having her breasts kissed, as hard as it is to believe. The trick is to focus mostly on the nipple and the areola of the breast. Because these are the most sensitive areas. No matter how sensitive the other parts of the breast are, the areola and the nipple is always going to be ificantly more sensitive and turn women on much more than the other parts. To get the best effect and get her in the mood quickly, fondle her nipple with your tounge. Go around it gently at first, and then increase the pressure and the speed of your tongue gradually.

You know, like trailing the letters of the alphabet with your tongue, going in circles, and other similar things. Then, go do the same to her other breast nipple. And for bonus points, use your free hand to continue fondling her other breast and flicking her nipple gently but firmly. This drives most women crazy and quickly turns them on. So test and see what works best for your particular partner. By that I mean some women will react really positive when you kiss a certain body part, such as her forearm, hips, outer thigh or feet.

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Where to kiss a woman to turn her on

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Where To Kiss A Girl To Turn Her On And Make Her Want More